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    The Rape of Sansa in “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 6 Review

    Last week’s episode was all about the Boltons’ hold getting stronger in the North. Tonight, the story arc about them continues with much evil and disgust. While there is no Daenerys in the show tonight, we get to see Arya Stark and the warring royalties in King’s Landing again. Here are the explosive and heart-breaking events in “Unbowed, Unbent, Unbent,” the latest episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 

    To be someone else. Arya Stark continues cleaning corpse at the House of Black and White for three weeks already. She vents her frustration with the Game of Faces to another girl apprentice. But when the latter tells her her story, Arya believes her immediately and she seems to fail the game again. Jaqen comes to her and ask her who she is to which she answers by telling him about her journey and her grief and grudges. Again, she fails. But in another occasion, Arya relieves a dying girl of her suffering by making her drink water from the fountain inside the house. Jaqen then brings her to a chamber where the faces of all the people that have died in the temple are stored. He tells her that though she may not yet be ready to be No One, she can become Someone Else. 

    To battle in the fighting pits. In the ruins of Valyria, Jorah Mormmont and Tyrion Lannister continue their journey together and both may have developed liking to each other as they share their own stories. Sadly, they run into slavers who abduct them. Putting his wits to work, Tyrion  convinces them to take them to the newly-opened fighting pits in Meereen where Jorah will combat. 

    To rule the North. Petyr Baelish finally arrives back to King’s Landing. He has a quick encounter with the Sparrows who inform him of the sudden changes in the kingdom. He then converses with Cersei and informs her of the upcoming wedding of Sansa Stark to Ramsay Bolton. This infuriates Cersei and she wants to rush and attack the North. But Baelish advises against it. Instead, they should let Roose Bolton and Stannis Baratheon battle first and they shall attack whoever the victor will be. In exchange of him lending the services of the knight of Vale, Baelish is to be proclaimed as Warden of the North. 

    To kidnap Myrcella. Myrcella Lannister and Prince Trystane Martell have become fond of each other and have openly discussed their possible marriage. Ruling Prince Doran Martell is a party to the union and vows to protect the two from whatever threats. Meanwhile, Jamie and Bronn, disguised as palace guards, finally infiltrate the Water Gardens. At the same time, Ellaria Sand launches her plans and the Sand Snakes, the three daughters of the late Prince Oberyn, attack the palace to take Myrcella. The Sand Snakes have a fierce physical confrontation with Jamie and Bronn and have almost succeeded in abducting Myrcella if not for the intervention of the palace guards. In the end, Ellaria, the Sand Snakes, Jamie and Bronn are captured.

    To free Loras. Olenna Tyrell visits King’s Landing to help free her grandson Loras from the Sparrows. Her threats of withdrawing support to the kingdom fall on Cersei’s deaf ears. During the holy inquest, Loras denies all charges of fornication and homosexuality. Despite her protest, Queen Margaery is called to testify, too. Everything seems to sail smoothly since there are no evidences of the charges until Olyvar takes the witness stand. With Olyvar’s condemning words, Loras is set to be brought to a formal trial while Margaery is arrested for lying to the High Sparrow.

    To be married. In Winterfell, preparations for the wedding are already set. Myranda the kennel master’s daughter tries to threaten Sansa Stark by telling her about Ramsay’s former lovers and how they end up dead. But Sansa is undaunted and proceeds with the wedding with a rock in her heart. Theon Greyjoy or Reek, being once the ward of the Starks, gives Sansa’s hand in marriage to Ramsay. On the honeymoon night, Ramsay consummates the marriage by raping Sansa, who is still a virgin, in front of Reek who is weeping bitterly. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. The rape of Sansa is perhaps the most heart-breaking moment so far on the current season of Game of Thrones. She has suffered enough already and just when we thought she had risen from all tragedies that befall her, the despicable Ramsay comes and disrespects her. All is thanks to Baelish who is at the King’s Landing concocting his selfish and evil plans while Sansa struggles. Sansa have been a pawn for several games already. May she finally have her sister’s boldness and will to stand for herself and avenge the people who hurt them. Speaking of Arya, what does Jaqen mean when he said that she can become someone else? In the books, Arya have these wolf-dreams which are quite similar to her brother Bran’s visions. Are these the same things or is the show up to something unique and more exciting?

    Jorah will be facing physical combats again. Will he be able to see Daenerys in the fighting pits?  Or will it be the other way around? And may Tyrion’s not dwarf-sized magical cock be able to save them! While Jamie faces an unknown consequence in Dorne, Cersei seems to celebrate as she had finally put Margaery in a very unlucky situation. Well, she is soon to face her own walk of shame afterwards, right? And there is no Jon Snow tonight. Hopefully, he comes back next week as he journeys with his team to the homeland of the wildlings.


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