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    Jon Snow Executes in “High Sparrow”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 3 Review

    The fifth season of Game of Thrones has finally taken momentum by giving us tonight shocking revelations, exciting conflicts and jaw-dropping plot twists. As the Stark sisters explore darker worlds, Queen Daenerys must exercise greater strength and will. While the Wall settles into some kind of peace, a different form of war boils in King’s Landing. Here are the highlights of “High Sparrow”: 

    The apprentice. In last week’s episode, Arya finally enters the House of Black and White in Braavios. Tonight, she begins her apprenticeship for the Faceless Men sweeping the floor and cleaning the House. After some time, Jaqen H’ghar makes her realize that to be a Faceless Man, she must abandon Arya Stark. So into the water, Arya throws her clothes and coins. However, she hides her sword Needle among the rocks.

    The marriage. In King’s Landing, a royal wedding is in celebration and the new Queen Margaery’s name is called by everyone. King Tommen is madely in love with her and he is just insatiable with desire for her. Cunning as she is, Margaery convinces the king that the Queen Dowager will be happier in her home town Casterly Rock.

    The proposal. They are nearing their destination but to Sansa’s horror, Petyr Baelish is taking her to Moat Caitlin where the Boltons rule. To shock her further, Petyr had arrange her marriage with the bastard son Ramsay Bolton. She is hysterical but Littlefinger manages that it could be her way to avenge her family.

    The execution. In the Wall, Jon begins his work as the new Lord Commander and assigns everyone their posts. But not everyone is happy about it. After being assigned to the desolate Greyguard, Lord Janos openly expresses her refusal. He even goes further by hurling insults to Jon. This piques him and to show everyone his authority, Jon himself publicly cuts Janos’ head despite the latter’s change of hearts and beg for mercy.

    The Sparrows. Faith militants are in the move in King’s Landing. Known as the “Sparrow,” they raid the whorehouses and attacks the “sinners”. Unfortunately for the High Septon of the Faith of the Seven, he is one of the first victims of the Sparrows. Cersei seizes this opportunity and secretly ties some kind of partnership with the High Sparrow, leader of the faith militants.

    The allegiance. Petry Baelish is a master manipulator. While he seems to show sympathy for Sansa, he also makes Roose Bolton believe he is his ally. After Tywin Lannister died, Bolton had lost a great conspirator and now badly wants the North’s support through Sansa’s and Ramsay’s marriage. And he and Petyr have been planning about this all along. Fortunately, Littlefinger has to go back to King’s Landing as ordered by Cersei.

    The kidnapping. Varys and Tyrion Lannister have finally reached Volantis. Expectedly, Tyrion pays a visit to a tavern and whorehouse and meets the slut version of the Queen of the Dragons. While he is relieving himself in the balcony, he is suddenly (and easily) tied up by someone familiar who says he is taking him to the Queen. To his surprise, it is Ser Jorah Mormont.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. The rise of the Sparrows is a perhaps a major game-changer in the show, especially in the cold war between Queen Margaery and Cersei. Sansa is quite in a plight and we can only hope that like Littlefinger, she can also play the game really well. She has the best teacher anyway. And for Jorah, is his catch worth the price? He might be in for a greater surprise…


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