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    Fight for Nyssa in “Al Sah-him”: “Arrow” Season 3, Episode 21 Review

    Last week’s episode is a big-turning point as Oliver Queen finally accepts the offer as the “Heir to the Demon,” in exchange for Thea’s revival. It was a heart-breaking moment, but tonight in “Al Sah-him”, Oliver becomes an entirely new person and we might just hate him for it. Here are the events of the 21st episode of the 3rd season of Arrow: 

    The League’s training. After sealing him the League’s mark, Oliver begins his heavy training and transformation to Al Sah-him. For three weeks, he fences with Ra’s endlessly and sleeps while chained on the floor. All the hardships aim to make him forget Oliver Queen. The League appears to have succeeded in brainwashing him. In one challenge, where he is previously exposed to centuries-old herb which brings one’s conscience forefront, Oliver mercilessly kills a League member who guises to be John Diggle. 

    The mission to Starling City. Ra’s then tells Oliver that he must eliminate anyone who will be opposed to him being the next Ra’s, especially his rival who knows as much about the League. Al Sah-him knows who he means so along with some hooded assassins, he travels to Starling City to eliminate Nyssa. 

    The remaining crusaders. Oliver’s friends continue the crusade they started. Dig and the Black Canary continue as front fighters while Felicity stays in their new headquarters at Palmer Technologies building. But when Laurel tells her about Oliver’s acceptance of the offer, Nyssa panics as she knows the League’s line of actions. After much debate and disbelief, the team decide to support Nyssa.

    The deafening scream. Indeed, Al Sah-him comes and engages in an intense arrow fight with Nyssa. He catches Nyssa and almost slits her throat until Laurel comes and unleashes her “canary scream.” Remember when Cisco and Joe visited Starling City? Laurel had Cisco repair Sara’s supersonic weapon. Alas, Nyssa is saved from a sudden death. 

    The failed rescue. Al Sah-him cannot fail and so he takes Lyla as hostage. In the trade, the team attempt to rescue both Lyla and Nyssa. The two group clashes but the League proves to be more superior in strength and skill. Nyssa is taken by the League while Al Sah-him almost kills Dig but Thea arrives in time to stop him by piercing an arrow to his arm. The incident only shows that Oliver is never coming back to them. As they say, Oliver is “gone but not forgotten.” 

    The deadly plague. In flashbacks, the virus began spreading in Hong Kong. To ensure that the plague succeeds, Shrieve’s men begin to inject the virus to people after making them believe it to be the antidote. After managing to destroy one of the trucks holding the virus, Oliver and his companions attempt to escape Hong Kong. However, much to Tatsu’s horror, her son Akio begins to spurt blood.

    The Bride of the Demon. Nyssa is back to Nanda Parbat and faces his father’s judgment. Al Sah-him is about to strike Nyssa when Ra’s orders him to stop. Ra’s sees no point in shedding her blood anymore. Instead, he decides to unite her blood to Al Sah-him’s, making her the Bride of the Demon. The marriage is also a punishment for Nyssa’s betrayal by stealing something from the League. 

    The final test. Ra’s tells Al Sah-him that in order to fully forget about their old self, the Ra’s must erase their homeland. He then hands Al Sah-him the Alpha and Omega bio-weapons and orders him to spread the virus to Starling City.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Al Sah-him is entirely different from Oliver and it is unclear whether Oliver is only putting an act. This new persona is hateful and vengeful. That moment when he almost kills Dig is the point where you almost cease to believe that Oliver still exists. This is difficult as the season is already down to its last two episodes. Like all the previous season finale, Starling City is faced with a big enemy. Never thought that this time, the enemy will be Oliver himself through Al Sah-him. Will it be Starling City versus Al Sah-him? Or Oliver Queen versus the League of Assassins?  



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