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    Jack Randall Desires Jamie in “Lallybroch”: “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 12 Review

    Last week’s episode of Outlander was filled with revelations and heart-stopping excitement. Though Geillis Duncan was judged guilty with witchcraft, it was unclear what happened to her after – whether she was burned or spared. On the other hand, the outcome of the trial forced Jamie and Claire to flee Castle Leoch. Tonight, the couple travel to Jamie’s hometown and some memories remind him of a painful event and its consequences. Here the events in “Lallybroch,” the twelfth episode of Outlander:

    Return to Lallybroch. The show opens with Jamie and Claire travelling through green mountains going to Lallybroch. After four years, Jamie is finally coming home and he is eager to see his sister Jenny. But as he arrives at Lallybroch, memories come flooding back again, especially a painful one that involves Captain Jack Randall and his sister. Years ago, when the Redcoats harassed Jenny, Jamie came to the rescue but only received flogging as a result. Then Jack Randall took Jenny upstairs to the bedroom. Presently, it is rumoured that a bastard child came a result and Jamie is infuriated after seeing Jenny, who is currently pregnant and with his four-year-old son. Jamie is quick to judge but is instantly proved wrong as Jenny is already married to friend Ian who had lost a leg in a war in France. The siblings set off at a wrong foot which persisted throughout the episode.

    Jamie as new Laird Broch Tuarach. As the first-born son, Jamie instantly takes his position as the new laird of Lallybroch. He and Claire occupy the Laird’s room which brings up memories with his father. Later, the tenants pay rent but some are not able to do so as it is a lean time. This furthers the rift between Jamie and Jenny. 

    Secret of Jack Randall. Jamie wants the truth about what really happened four years ago and Jenny is quick to tell him about it. When she was brought upstairs, Jack Randall began caressing her. Then she was made to bend on the bed while Randall played with his cock. But when she turned around, Jenny observed that Randall was not hard at all. She laughed hard and continued to do so until he slapped her hard and she lost consciousness. Later, Jamie confesses to Claire what also happened to him. After the first flogging, Randall made a bargain with him. To spare him of the second flogging, he would have to offer his body to whatever pleases Randall. At first, Jamie considered it but the words of his father held him and he stood his ground.

    Death of Jamie’s father. For his refusal, Jamie received another round of flogging from Randall. Duogal MacKenzie and his father were among the audience. But his father could bear the scene and he fainted and died. After that, Dougal MacKenzie took Jamie and the latter never got the chance to see his father buried. 

    Incident at the mill. The grains have been manually milled by the ladies and when Jamie inspected the watermills, something was stuck between them. When he is dipping in the water to fix it, the Redcoats arrive. He sees them and decides to stay underwater while Jenny comes to save Claire. After the Redcoats left, Jenny sees the scars on Jimmy’s back for the first time.

    The reconciliation. The Frasers are headstrong but Claire is more stubborn than Jamie and she manages to convince him to make peace with his sister. So on their father’s grave, the brother and sister pour out their hearts and quite interesting, each is willing to give his or her life for the other. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Tonight’s episode of Outlander may not be as thrilling as last week’s but it has as much heart and drama. Finally, we learn why Jack Randall is constantly on the run after Jamie. He desires him and this unfinished business will not stop him from chasing Jamie. But Claire complicates the scenario as she could be easily used by Randall to fulfill his motives. Well, before the show ended, some people disturb the peace in Lallybroch. Claire wakes up one morning to see some strangers pointing their guns on Jamie. Obviously not the Redcoats, but hopefully not another new nemesis to our beloved couple.



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