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    "Arrow" Season 3 Episode 16 Review: Ten Highlights

    After three weeks of waiting, the third season of “Arrow” is finally back with a new episode. There was not much fighting in this episode; yet, it was filled with tender moments, crossroad situations, and character development. Here are ten highlights from the episode “The Offer:” 

    1. Offer to lead the League of Assassins. The previous episode left us with a huge cliff-hanger, and considering we had been waiting for three weeks for this, I can only imagine how everyone is eager to know the details of the offer. As it is, Oliver Queen or Arrow is offered to be the next Ra’s al Ghul. Like BFFs, Arrow and the present Ra’s have dinner together and Oliver is toured around the headquarter. The localized pool in Nanda Parbat, which has ultimate healing powers, is becoming less effective and  so the League’s head needs a successor  who has defied and cheated death countless times. Arrow is the perfect candidate. Being the new leader, “Al Sahhim” or “The Vigilante” (Arrow’s new nickname) will have all the resources to keep his crusade going. Not bad…. 

    2. Easy release. Much to my surprise (and possibly everybody else’s), Oliver, Digg and Malcolm is released with no conditions. Accordingly, Malcolm’s life is a gift and a sign of Ra’s good faith to Arrow. Oliver has not yet accepted or rejected the offer and he is given an ample time. 

    3. Thea’s dilemmas. With all the surprises going on, Thea Queen seems to be in confusing and damning situations. After confessing the truth about Sara’s death, she is freed from guilt by Nyssa. Then later, Malcolm is brought to him by Oliver and she takes care of him despite her endless protests. And with all the drama, in the end, she goes back to Roy’s arms. 

    4. Rise of Murmur. Only the appearance of Murmur or Dr. Michael Amar, who stole industrial diamonds and turned them into bullets, provided the necessary action in the episode. Yeah, it was nothing special but the usual villain versus cops versus Arrow’s team scenario. 

    5. Detective Lance burns bridges? After learning about Sarah’s death, it is not surprising that Detective (or Captain) Lance will not only vent his anger again his daughter Laurel but also to Arrow. In the process, he shuts all communication with him. 

    6. A sad love triangle. The Oliver-Felicity-Ray angle may be one of the most intriguing aspecst in the series. It was a big “AH” moment when he confessed his love for Felicity, but it is a much bigger and sadder “AH” for him to watch Felicity getting closer and more attached to Ray. But Felicity is still in love with Oliver, right? 

    7. Felicity’s words of wisdom. Felicity Smoak, though blonde and jittery, always have that power to bring sense to Oliver. He is still contemplating whether to accept or reject the offer, but Felicity’s bucket of convincing arguments made him analyze the situations well and come up with the better and right decision. 

    8. Lauren and Nyssa teams up. After learning about the offer, Nyssa is all steamed up and fuming. And to Starling City she flies and to Laurel, who also has the same father-daughter issue, she seeks solace. She also agrees to train her up. I just hope things will not go beyond there. 

    9. Shado is alive? One of the biggest shockers in the episode is the appearance of someone resembling Shado. In the back story happening in Hong Kong, Oliver and Akio (Maseo’s son) stumble upon a woman who looked exactly like Shado. Is Shado really alive? Or is it just Oliver’s imaginations? 

    10. Ra’s al Ghul’s disguise.  Before the episode ended, we are given another cliff-hanger. Ra’s operates in Starling City and disguises as the Arrow, or better, the cold-blooded killing machine Vigilante.


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