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    Evil Arrows and Deadshot's Death in "Suicidal Tendencies": "Arrow" Season 3, Episode 17 Review

    With the events happening from previous episode, Arrow has entered a very tangled mess of plot. With Ra’s resolve to have Oliver take over his place, Starling City faces a terrifying nightmare. And with all the forces endangering Arrow’s team, the light at the end of the tunnel seems so far off. Here are the main events from Arrow’s episode “Suicidal Tendencies”: 

    Evil Arrows strike. Ra’s is at an all-out attack against the bad guys in Starling City, putting an arrow in them during the process. Oliver recognizes this as the League of Assassin’s ploy to get him. But Oliver is in much more surprise when he finds out that there is more than just one impersonator. In a raid against a narcotic gang, Arrow encounters three evil Arrows with Maseo leading the deadly pack. It seems an offer’s rejection is not an option for Ra’s. Trouble is screaming big for Oliver as the League is yet to strike the people closest to him.

    The Honeymoon. For some happy news, John “Dig” Diggle and Lyla Michaels (code name “Harbinger”) finally ties the knot, with Ray Palmer officiating the ceremony (the supposed minister suddenly goes to South Sudan). But the bad news is, instead of heading to Fiji for some cozy vacation, they fly to the Republic of Kaznia as ordered by Amanda Waller (despicable b***h!). They are not flying alone as the Suicide Squad joins them, comprising of Floyd Lawton AKA “Deadshot” and Carrie Cutter AKA “Cupid” (Arrow’s psychotic stalker). Their mission is to save Senator Joseph Cray who is taken hostage along with some civilians in a hospital. 

    Fall of Deadshot. The Kaznia mission takes a sudden ugly turn. Just when the Suicide Squad is about to bring the hostages out of the scene, Sen. Cray reveals he staged the crisis in order to become “hero” in the people’s sight and possibly win the next election. Worse, the team discovers the bombs planted around the vicinity. To save the hostages and the team, Deadshot offers to cover them as they escape. At the end, the hospital blows along with Deadshot, with the grieving Cupid watching him (poor girl, just when she finds another hero). Along the episode, there are flashbacks on Floyd’s life, before he becomes Deadshot and works for the H.I.V.E. that ordered him to take down Andrew Diggle, his first target. As it is, Floyd is an ex-military who, after coming home, finds it hard to adjust to a peaceful normal life with his wife and daughter. As he loses sense of reality, he endangers his family, reason that they leave him. So at the Kaznia mission, he sacrifices himself in order for Dig and Lyla to go back to their daughter. That is really a touching moment, as there is still humanity in the meanest people. With all the pains he’d gone through, Deadshot has these words to live on: “Love is a bullet in the brain.”

    The Atom vs. Arrow. The biggest event of the night must be Ray Palmer’s discovery of Arrow’s true identity. As Arrow is busy capturing his evil versions, Ray Palmer AKA “The Atom” flies in the scene, does an X-ray scan and makes a facial recognition, and voila! Oliver Queen registers an almost perfect match. As a result, a rift comes between Ray and Felicity as a question of trust rises. So now, to behold his own personal crusade for Starling City, Ray devises a trick to capture Arrow, only to be beaten. Yeah, he lacks physical training and his supersuit’s beams and whatever are not enough to save him. However, the incident brings some sense into him, and he and Felicity are good again.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Before the show ended, a massive OMG moment just hit Starling City. Evil Arrow, in the person of Maseo now, buries an arrow into the mayor’s chest (just as Ray is about to clear issues against the Arrow). Oh hell, the League are taking innocent lives now. And the biggest shock is when Maseo directs his arrow to Felicity Smoak. In the show’s closing credit, there is a sound of bow snapping as an arrow is released. Will Felicity’s be the next death in the show? What will be the repercussions? Oliver finally succumbing to the League? Or “The Atom” joining the Arrow’s team? Or worse? Damn those consequences, don’t let Felicity die. Though earlier this year, there have been rumors running around the Internet that the character Felicty Smoak is leaving the show. Please no, there will be no steamy computer geek in the team.

    And another thing, what happened in Hong Kong? Who is the mystery lady who resembles Shado? Or is it really Shado? And who brought her back to life? Amanda Waller? Well, “Arrow” indeed leaves us a lot of questions. With these cliff-hangers, it will be a very long week to wait for the next episode.


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