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    The Intouchables (2011): Movie Review

    The Intouchables is a French comedy-drama film released in 2011. Directed by Olivier Nakache and √Čric Toledano, it stars Francois Cluzet and Omar Sy. The movie is inspired by the true story of Philippe Pozzo di Borgo and his caretaker Abdel Sellou. 

    Plot. The movie opens with a car chase on a night in Paris. Driss (portrayed by Sy) is driving Philippe’s (Cluzet) Maserati Quattropote. Due to over speeding, they are soon discovered by the police and consequently chased and caught. Unafraid, Driss doubles his bet with Philippe, waging that they can get an escort out of their unlucky situation. Driss convinces the police that the quadriplegic Philippe must be rushed to the emergency room, and the latter feigns to have a stroke. The police are persuaded and they accompany them to the hospital. When the police leave them at the hospital, Philippe asks what they will do then and Driss answers “Now let me take care of it” as they drive off.

    The film then shows a flashback of the story of the two men.

    Philippe is a quadriplegic millionaire who owns a luxurious Parisian mansion. He and his assistant, Magalie, are interviewing applicants to be his live-in caretaker when a young black guy named Driss comes in. He has no intention of getting hired, he simply needs his signature to show he was interviewed and rejected to that he can continue to receive his welfare benefits. However, he is told to come back the next day to claim his letter. He goes back to his poor extended family but he is ordered the leave the flat by his angry aunt.

    The next morning, Driss comes back to the mansion and is surprised to discover he has been accepted for the job on a trial period. He soon learns the extent of Philippe’s disability, and after knowing each other better, they become friends even after another of Philippe’s friends reveals that Driss has a criminal record for robbery.

    Later, Philippe reveals to Driss that the cause of his disability is a paragliding accident and that his wife died without bearing children. Gradually, Driss puts an order to Philippe’s life, including the latter’s being stricter with his spoiled adopted daughter. During Philippe’s birthday, a private concert of classical music is performed in the mansion. However, Driss changes the air to more celebratory sound by playing his favorite music (Boogie Wonderland by Earth, Wind and Fire) and everyone turns to dancing.
    Driss also finds out that Philippe shares a purely epistolary relationship with a woman named Eleonore who lives in Dunkirk. After Driss’s urging, Philippe agrees to talk to her on the phone and even send her a picture of him. A date between the two is then agreed. Yet, at the last minute, Philippe gets nervous and leaves with his personal assistant Yvonne before Eleonore arrives. Saddened, Philippe invites Driss to travel with him in his private jet for a paragliding weekend. Philippe also gives him an envelope containing 11,000 euros, the amount he has previously got for Driss’s painting.

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