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    Top Ten Reasons To Miss About Hit Show "Glee"

    After nearly six years, Glee is finally saying goodbye.  The characters we used to love and hate, as well as laugh and cry with, will soon be singing their swan songs. But before the curtains close, let us remind ourselves of the things that make the hit show enjoyable, lovable and unforgettable through all these years and beyond. 

    Sue Sylvester and other iconic characters. Glee has indeed created some of TV’s most intriguing and undeniably memorable characters. The first in this list is cheering team coach Sue Sylvester who is comically brutal and evil, but at times has moments of softness and compassion. And who else could forget Becky Jackson and her wild tantrums? And of course, New Direction’s inspiring coach Will Schuester, self-centered soloist Rachel Berry, belter Mercedes Jones, queen bee Quinn Fabray, Latina bitch Santana Lopez, stupid Brittany S. Pierce, and many more.

    “Don’t Stop Believing” and other theme songs. Every Glee episode is jam-packed with countless songs, with their roster ranging from Broadway music, to classic songs, to modern pop. Some of them become totally associated with the characters singing them, and some become everybody else’s life’s songs. The song “Teenage Dream” is not only associated with singer Katy Perry anymore, but with Glee’s Blaine Anderson. There is also Rachel Berry and “Don’t Rain On My Parade” which she had been singing since five but which she choked on in an audition. And there is “Defying Gravity” for Kurt Hummel, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” for Mercedes Jones, and not to forget, “Don’t  Stop Believing” for the New Directions.

    “ Halo/Walking on Sunshine” and other powerful mash-ups.  As the hit show mostly dealt with songs, it is no wonder that Glee came up with several beautiful mash-up music. This list includes Hair/Crazy in Love, Stop! In the Name of Love/Free Your Mind, Thriller/Head Will Roll, and I Feel Pretty/Unpretty.
    Becky’s “Bitch!” rants and other solid punch lines. Other than music, Glee also has tons of witty dialogues and right-on-spot one-liners. Who could forget Becky’s countless rants with the “bitch,” “asshole,” or “whore” in the end? And when she became cheerleader, she just overflowed with confidence with this thought in her head: “I, Becky Faye Jackson, am the hottest bitch at McKinley High School. There is also Santana and her endless, angry blabber. And of course, Brittany and her geniusly stupid remarks, Sugar Motta and her no-holds-bar talks, and Sue’s burning daily sermons.

    Sue vs. New Directions, Rachel vs. Quinn vs. Kurt, and other catfights. Glee is not exactly about music and celebrations and happiness. It is more of drama and chaos and fights. Topping the list is the seemingly relentless Sue’s hate against Glee club, most especially to coach Will. Glee’s New Directions members have something against each other as well, like Rachel against Quinn against Kurt over Finn, Finn against Puck over Quinn, and Rachel against Mercedes over a solo. Not to forget, the memorable battles against other glee clubs like the Vocal Adrenaline, Dalton Academy Warblers, and Throat Explosion. And most of these fights came with gigantic and overwhelming splash of red slushie. 

    Whoopi Goldberg, Gloria Estefan and other guests stars. Glee’s creators did not fail to bring big names in the entertainment industry into the show. They had Britney Spears as herself in Glee’s Brittany’s dreams (or hallucinations), Demi Lovato as Santana’s love interest Dani, Gloria Estefan as Santana’s mother Maribel Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow as the ultra-modern teacher Holly Holliday, Kate Hudson as Rachel’s wicked teacher Cassandra July, Whoopi Goldberg as Carmen Tibideaux, and other cameo appearances of stars like Tyra Banks, Josh Groban, Michael Bolton and Lindsay Lohan.

    Brittany S. Pierce is Stephen Hawking’s illegitimate child and other mind-blowing plot twists. Another amazing thing about Glee is how each story unravels, complete with unimaginable plot twists and revelations. How about the life story of Brittany S. Pierce and how she resents having a name similar to a singer, how she enjoys doing a YouTube show with her cat Lord Tubbington, and how smart she is with mathematics all because she is the unknown child of Stephen Hawking? How about Sue marrying herself and bearing a child by Michael Bolton? Or pretty Quinn being once a fat and unpopular girl named Lucy?

    Finchel, Furt, Puckleberry and other love teams. Glee is never without its complicated tales of romance. They are more than just love triangles since the tangles are quite twisted and messy. And these pairs and couples come with quite interesting labels, such as Finchel (Finn and Rachel), Furt (Finn and Kurt), Puckleberry (Puck and Rachel Berry, Klaine (Kurt and Blaine), Bram (Brittany and Sam), and Samcedes (Sam and Mercedes).
    Finn’s death and other heartbreaks. The show is also filled with some heat-breaking moments and episodes. With Cory Monteith’s death in real life, Glee offered a tribute episode where the character Finn Hudson was laid to rest and the New Directions offered their farewell songs. What is really good about the episode was that Finn’s death and burial was conducted with respect, dignity and love. Other touching episodes in the show include Kurt’s father Burt’s hospitalization and the club’s steadfast support, the gun scare in McKinley High School where the club was stranded inside the music room, the show choir competition where Quinn delivered her child at the end, and the first graduation episode where senior New Directions finally bid farewell to McKinley High.

    Individuality, equality, gender rights and other relevant messages. More than the beautiful music and oftentimes-good-and-sometimes-bad stories, what is truly commendable and memorable about Glee are their messages which simply touch and affect audience. From time to time, they truly got serious in promoting personal values and bringing to light certain social issues. In the first season, embracing one’s person has been the highlight. As seen, the club was composed of entirely different individuals with only one common love – music. This message also went to rally against bullying in school. And in the succeeding seasons, the Glee went home run on issues about gender rights and equality, family, dreams and others.


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