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    Flash Travels Back to Yesterday in “Rogue Time”: "The Flash" Season 1, Episode 16 Review

    The previous episode was such as huge cliff-hanger, with Central City under threat of a massive tsunami and Iris finally confessing her love for Barry. But today’s episode was such a downer, and the excitement from last week turned to nothing. Well, here are some highlights in today’s episode called “Rogue Time”: 

    Flash is too fast. While running very fast to counter the tsunami that Mark Mardon or Weather Wizard created, Flash travels back in time to the previous day, upon the time of death of the coroner. Barry is perplexed to relive each scene and Dr. Harrison Wells notices it. Despite Wells’ warning not to disrupt the flow of events, Barry catches Mardon before he could harm Joe and create the tsunami. Ultimately, Weather Wizard is locked up in the Pipeline. Flash cannot be wiser with this decision, though Wells protested. He has done more good in preventing a catastrophe to take place. 

    Barry ditches Linda. After knowing that Iris has feelings for him, Barry suddenly has doubts with what he feels for Linda. And oh no, he is honest about it and tells Linda. In the end, they break up nicely (but why would anyone break up with hot and beautiful Linda?) and Linda is cool about it. She even urges Barry to make his move to Iris (Urgh! Can anyone play that nice after being ditched?). 

    Iris ditches Barry. Barry gets suddenly cocky about it and asks Iris to go out with him. So over coffee, he tells her about his feelings again and Iris’ supposed feelings for him (the guts!). This piques Iris and what happens in the later scene is that Eddie gives Barry a good punch. Well, someone has to knock his senses. 

    Cisco and Dante. Because Weather Wizard has been locked up, Cisco agrees to attend his brother Dante’s birthday. Cisco is not comfortable about it and Caitlin become a witness to it at the event. Afterwards, while venting out his frustration, Cisco meets this totally hot chick, only to be kidnapped and find out that she is Snart’s (Captain Cold) sister. Another surprise – Dante is also kidnapped and in exchange for their freedom, he must construct their guns and reveal Flash’s real name (which he did anyway). 

    Rise of the Rogues. Yes, Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold is back along with Mick Rory AKA Heat Wave. They are not alone for they have a new recruit – Liza Snart (AKA Gold Glider in the comics) who can turn anyone to gold (thanks to Cisco’s newly-designed gun). After a coup of a gang lord, Flash captures Captain Cold. However, Cold is released after reaching a truce with Flash that he will not reveal Barry’s identity, will not anymore kill innocent people, and stay away from Barry’s friends. With their conversation, Flash names their team as Rogues which Captain Cold finds “cute” and smiles to it. 

    Dr. Wells kills again. Thankfully, Cisco’s death from the previous episode is prevented. In exchange for it is the life of Mason Bridge, the reporter who works with Linda and who is able to tie Simon Stagg’s death with Wells. Unfortunately, Barry tells Wells about the reporter’s plans to put what he knows on the newspaper. So before that happens, Reverse Flash rushes to Bridge’s house, kills him and destroys all the evidence. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. It is a good thing that after learning Bridge’s disappearance in the news, Barry finally believes Joe’s hunch against Dr. Wells. At last, he finds sense in all the coincidences and may he (including us the viewers) be able to put all the pieces together about what really happened on that fateful night when Nora Allen died. But what really bothered me is when Dr. Wells told Allen, “How many more people will die if your mother lives?” Such intriguing statement holds a lot of mystery. Does Barry’s mom possess an incredibly dangerous superpower? What does Dr. Wells wants from her? What did really happen that night? I hope more crumbs will be given in the next episode as the season is almost down to its finale. 

    Well, the fun part of the night is when Dr. Snow diagnosed Barry with a disease called “lightning psychosis” characterized by mood swings and odd behaviors. This just saved Barry from Eddie and Iris.


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