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    Rick Snaps in “Try”: “The Walking Dead” Season 5, Episode 15 Review

    Rick and his group seem to live in peaceful and platonic terms with the people inside the Alexandria Safe Zone…. Until this Sunday’s episode when everything that’s shaky gives away. Clearly, their position in Alexandria is in great jeopardy. Here are the highlights from this episode: 

    Grief over Aiden Monroe. The show picks up where the previous episode left off. The incident at the supply shop has reached the Monroe family. In an effort to console them, Carol sends a freshly-made casserole along with a condolence letter. But sadly, Deanna leaves the food at the doorstep and goes inside her house and burns the letter. It is very ominous, and seeing Deanna’s expression, there is disappointment and distrust in Rick’s group. It just solidifies what Father Gabriel told Deanna last week. 

    Nicholas’ lies. Who is Nicholas? He was with Glenn’s group, the ignorant coward who left everyone when all the walkers rushed on them. I just hate this guy. He has the audacity to tell lies to Deanna and twists the story, making Glenn appear to have caused Aiden’s and Noah’s deaths. But Glenn knows better and does some pretty cool confrontation with him. 

    Deanna’s films. Deanna’s filmed interviews freak me out. It gives me chills to see her reviewing all her interrogations with poker face. What is really hiding that blank expression and too good to be true kindness? 

    Carl and Enid. Rick’s son has developed some kind of affinity to this girl who happens to be also from the world outside Alexandria. So he follows her to the forest and after revealing themselves to each other, a special connection is established. Could this be the start of a romance (which is good since the show lacks that for now)? 

    Sasha’s mental breakdown. What is happening with Sasha? Yes, she is a spot-on shooter, but does she really have to go out there and kill all walkers? Yes, she may still be grieving over Tyreese and Bob, and feeling guilty over her rant against Noah, but do all these things make her snap and lose her sense of judgment? I love the old Sasha, but this new one who seems to be tougher and stronger is not someone I would root for. 

    "W". When Daryl and Aaron scouts for more people, they stumble upon walkers with the letter “W” etched on their foreheads. Sasha, Michonne and Rosita also encounters walkers with the same tattoo. I think a greater danger lies outside the walls of Alexandria. Something meaner and heartless, and it screams ruin to Alexandra. This looming menace is more evident when Daryl and Aaron find a dead woman tied naked to a tree, with her innards spilling out, and possibly fed alive to the walkers. 

    Is Rick the new enemy? This is the biggest question of the night. When Carol tells him about what is happening in Sam’s house, he makes up his mind that Pete’s (Sam’s father and Jessie’s husband) death is the ultimate solution. He even attempts to convince Deanna, and even Jessie, about it. So when he and Pete confronted, a bloody fistfight ensues. Rick becomes totally out of control. He even throws Carl away when the child tries to go between them. And when they were parted, he gives such despicable speech. I get it when he says that they had been through a lot and the only way to survive is to fight. But to cause chaos in the community, to try to apply his brutish ways to resolve issues, and being just too over himself is not acceptable. Thankfully, Michonne is there to knock him cold. Is Rick losing his sanity again? 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. I feel that Rick and his group are skating on thin ice with regards to their existence in Alexandria. After Father Gabriel’s unfortunate outburst to Deanna, Aiden’s death, and Rick’s explosion, I doubt the Alexandrians will want them around. Well, the episode is a perfect precedence to the show’s season finale next week. I just hope nobody dies again. I don’t want anybody to die for now. Character arcs for Rosita, Tara, Abraham and even Sasha has not yet come full circle, and it would be great to know them better. Rick, Carol, Daryl, Glenn and Michonne are the cohesive forces that strengthen the group. Please no more dead for this season. 


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