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    The Dog Who Saved Summer (2015): Movie Review

    "Light and wholesome."

    Zeus is back in The Dog Who Saved Summer and he certainly brings another round of fun and excitement. For this fifth instalment of a dog movie franchise with similar titles, our favorite Labrador retriever and the Bannister family are in for a little trouble and a big adventure. 

    The film has a lively opening – children playing everywhere, everyone out in the sun, flowers and trees in full bloom, and vibrant colors all around. So in this seemingly perfect summer, Belinda Bannister (Elisa Donovan) executes a baby shower she had planned. Everything seems working just fine until a new competitor and her dog walk in. While trying to defend her, the Bannister’s beloved dog Zeus (voiced by Mario Lopez) accidentally ruins the party. 

    Following Grandma’s (Mindy Sterling) advice, the family sends Zeus to obedience school. But trouble is not over yet as his owner George (Gary Valentine) sets off on a wrong foot with authoritarian instructor Vernon (Martin Kove). Zeus fails every lesson and making matters worse, Vernon’s K-9 assistant, Apollo (voiced by William Zabka) makes the class no fun for Zeus. However, Zeus finds a friend in the school janitor Mr. Lee (James Hong) who later secretly trains him.

    Meanwhile, burglars Ted Stein (Dean Cain), Patrick Muldoon (Fred Stein) and Stewey (Joey Diaz) plans a heist to steal a large diamond. For mere coincidence, the store that houses the jewel is in the basement of the dog training school. The diamond is protected by thick walls and red sensor beams.

    The day that the clumsy burglars are to launch their heist happens to be Zeus’ graduation day. On that Hawaii-themed event (planned by Belinda for 25% of her competitor’s price), Zeus and the other dogs participate in a series of production challenges. Zeus and Apollo have a rough start, but after discovering the burglars’ plot, they join forces in beating them. So all is well that ends well – Apollo retires, Zeus takes over as the new trainer dog, George and Vernon are on good terms, Belinda finishes a great work, and the Bannisters remain as one big happy family with their adorable dog.

    The Dog Who Saved Summer is a wholesome family comedy. It is unpretentious and not a try-hard. It simply wishes to entertain which it fulfils quite successfully. It is light, funny and full of slapstick comedy, though humor sometimes appear dry like that cake made from fresh sardines, mustards and other mixes. With its comic sounds and music, it is full of energy and good vibes that watching it is pleasant and positive.

    The Labrador retriever which plays Zeus is endearing and full of cuteness (who doesn’t love dogs anyway?). Mario Lopez’s voice simply fits him. There is that grilled marshmallow quality in his voice which is soft and delightful, perfect for an equally handsome and captivating dog. 

    Truly, The Dog Who Saved Summer is a movie that kids and even adults will enjoy. It is an old school comedy which works just fine. With its wholesome theme, it is a film for the whole family. Plus it has cute bloopers at the end which add extra laughs.



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