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    Drunk Wedding (2015): Movie Review

    "Hilarious, engaging and unpretentious."

    As the title suggest, Nick Weiss’ directorial debut movie Drunk Wedding is basically about two things – wedding and drunkenness. Wedding is all about pleasantries and cloud nine and reunions, and drunkenness is about getting high, shameless and all-out. So when we combine the two, we can expect an epic riot of debauchery, lunacy and happy overload. 

    The movie opens with Phil (Dan Gill) getting excited for the wedding of his wife Daphne’s (Anne Gregory) sister named Elissa (Victoria Gold). To document the entire wedding and all that will be happening, Phil prepares a number of handheld video recorders to be given to each special guest. The couple fly to the wedding destination in a beach resort in Nicaragua. They meet Elissa and her groom Jon (Christian Cooke). The wedding celebration becomes a huge reunion as the bride’s and groom’s friends instantly hit off, particularly Phil, Ivan (Nate Lang), Cal (J.R. Ramirez) and Linc (Nick Ross). But after a wedding eve of party and booze, the guys get into a little trouble as Jon wakes up with a bite mark on his peen. As the wedding rolls on, the friends desperately try to find out who did it, and in the process, they rebuild relationships and enjoy life’s experiences. 

    Drunk Wedding has a very strong opening. Right when the screen pans to the pile of cameras in Phil’s hands, you know you will be in for a hilarious and crazy ride. Guess what, if you are up for a movie loaded with pranks, sexual indulgence, madness and wild moments, this movie will not disappoint you. Though comedy, the movie contains adult contents which the old school and uptight may find inappropriate. Such contents are nudities (no frontal though, just nipples and asses), wanking while GF is in the shower, licking and peeing on your bros who is in skimpy and tight thongs, dancer cumming on his briefs, and threesome where your bro surprisingly enjoy touching his tip to your tip.

    But the movie does not only rely on sexuality to be exciting and engaging. It has a tight and solid script. The dialogues command attention and whether you like it or not, you will get hooked into their conversations. Combined with the footage and shaky-cam style of film-making and its fast pacing, the lines just make you feel like being part of the actual movie and participating in their folly. It is also rich with humor and ridiculous scenes, like the appearance of goat in the wedding party and the instant bachelorette party where the waiter becomes the instant dancer. This might not be the work of cinematic geniuses but writer Anthony Weiss and director and co-writer Nick Weiss were too creative to pull off an interesting storyline with coherent script to back it up.

    On the downside, the movie has admittedly poor cinematography. The shaky cams create that coarse and gritty appearance in some sequence. There are also scenes where the camera losses focus and direction. Nonetheless, the film is made on low budget and technical quality may have been compromised. 

    Drunk Wedding feels like a cheap version of Hangover minus the A-list actors (Bradley Cooper!) and the expensive settings (Las Vegas and Bangkok!). Regardless of their economic variation, both films deal with idiot friends doing idiot things resulting to things much more idiot. However, the difference between them is that we care for the three idiots in Hangover which something Weiss may have failed to do in the present movie. Though the five friends, played by some unknown actors, have their separate and distinct stories, they were not really able to connect with the audience. We laugh hard with them but never really become friends with them. So in the end, we simply could not care about them. 

    Drunk Wedding is actually very shallow and predictable. However, the actors, though unfamiliar, are persuasive and committed. Coupled with direct and hilarious dialogues, the movie is undeniably charming, surprisingly funny, watchable and wildly cool. This is the type of movie which is more enjoyable when viewed with friends.



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