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    Fed to the Dragons in “Kill the Boy”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 5 Review

    Last week’s episode left us hanging as the Sons of the Harpy launched a bloody attack against Daenerys’ royal army. Tonight, we saw the fate of some our loved and hated characters, especially Sansa and the Boltons in Moat Caitlin and Jon Snow in The Wall. Here are the events of “Kill the Boy,” the fifth episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 

    Death of Barristan. One of the aftermaths of the Harpy’s attack is the unexpected death of Ser Barristan Selmy. During his funeral, Queen Daenerys Targaryen decides to arrest all the leaders of the royal families in Meereen. To show her strong will, she has one of the leaders feed to her dragons. 

    Mission of Jon Snow. After Maester Aemon’s advise to “kill the boy and let the man be born,” Jon Snow enforces his plans. He initially strikes a deal with Tormund Giantsbane in which the latter accepts an alliance with the Night’s Watch in exchange for settlement for the wildlings. Majority of the Watch men oppose Jon Snow but he perseveres. In order to fully convince the wildlings in Hardhome, Jon agrees to accompany Tormund along with some men and a fleet of ship borrowed from Stannis. 

    Friends of Sansa. Brienne and Podrick continue hiding in an inn close to Winterfell and manage to find someone loyal to the North and ask him to send Sansa a message. Meanwhile, a chambermaid reminds Sansa that she is not alone and that she has friends in the North. And whenever she needs help, she just have “to light a candle in the highest window of the broken tower.”

    Luck of Ramsay. After being legitimized, Ramsay Bolton continues to enjoy immense privileges. One, he keeps tighter grip to his lover Myranda, daughter of the kennel master despite her jealousy and threats of leaving him. Another, preparations for his incoming wedding to Sansa are already on their way. He is quite shaken when Roose Bolton announces that his wife is pregnant with their son. However, Roose assures him his position in the family. 

    Misery of Theon. While Ramsay indulges in his luck, Theon Greyjoy continues to suffer humiliation and embarrassment. When Myranda leads Sansa to the kennel, he cowers to see the sister of the people he thinks he had killed. Adding salt to injury, Ramsay has him apologize to Sansa for the murder. He goes further by having Theon or Reek to escort Sansa during the wedding as he is the only immediate family left of her. 

    Departure of Stannis. After staying for a long time in Castle Black, Stannis Baratheon finally leaves the Wall. Bringing Queen Selyse and Princess Shireen, he and his army is bound to the South, passing through Winterfell. But there just might be a little problem there – the Boltons hold the Winterfell.

    Fear of Grey Worm. After the attack, Grey Worm is mortally wounded and remains unconscious for three days. When he wakes up, he tells Missandei a touching confession – that he is afraid. It is not the fear of death; it is the fear of not seeing her again. At this, the lady plants a gentle kiss on him. 

    Will of Daenerys. Torn between Barristan’s gentle and peaceful means and Daario’s radical and violent method, Daenerys finally makes up her mind. She gives in to reopening the fighting pits, but for the free men only. And to make peace with the people of Meereen and to forge traditions, she decides to marry one of the leaders of an ancient family who happens to be Hizdahr zo Loraq, one of her counsellors. 

    Plight of Jorah. Before the show ended, the dynamic duo of Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister appear. They have entered the waters of Valyria, Daenerys’ homeland. After they see Drogon fly overhead, they are suddenly attacked by a group of stone men. Tyrion is safe but Jorah is touched by one of them, infecting him with greyscale. However, he keeps it secret from Tyrion.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Tonight’s episode is mostly about the Boltons and Jon Snow. As it is, the Boltons are getting stronger despite the death of Tywin Lannister, their greatest ally. Aside from the Boltons, Sansa faces a darker enemy in the person of Myranda, the jealous lover of Ramsay. We can only hope that Brienne and the Northerners will really be there in time she needed help. And despite the inner turmoil in the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch, Jon Snow persisted with his plan of making peace with the wildlings. It is a tough situation as most of his men are against it. Likewise, we can only hope that his enemies in the Watch will not see it as an opportunity to strike him back. We miss Arya Stark and the growing war in King’s Landing and Dorne. May the catfight between Queen Margaery and Queen Mother Cersei end fruitfully. And Arya, please do not succumb to the mysteries of the Faceless Men as your siblings are still alive. What happened to Varys anyway? Will he continue his trip to Queen Daenerys? Or will he go back to King’s Landing and take advantage of the moments?  


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