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    Claire Sings in "The Search": "Outlander" Season 1, Episode 14 Review

    Last week’s episode ended with a sad and frightening news. After an ambush with the Watch, Ian returned to Lallybroch legless. According to him, Jamie chose to stay behind and looked after MacQuarrie who was wounded. Tonight, Claire will boldly search the world over to find the man she loves. Here are the events of “The Search,” the 14th episode of Outlander:

    Finding Jamie. After learning about the incident, Claire and Jenny embark on a journey to find Jamie. They visit the place where the ambush took place in hopes of finding a clue. They follow the treads and soon find the Redcoats camp. Unfortunately, they only see MacQuarrie captive. 

    Jenny is furious. The two follow a Redcoat who separate from the others. After taking him, Jenny asks about Jamie who they assumed was held by the Recoats. The man initially does not cooperate which infuriates Jenny. She tortures him by sticking a hot metal rod on his feet. At last, the man confesses to be only a courier for the Redcoats. Claire takes his bag and finds a letter informing Fort William of Jamie’s escape. 

    Parting and searching. Murtagh, sent by Ian, appears and aids the ladies. Jenny decides to go home and tend to her newborn baby girl. Claire informs her about a coming famine and Jenny, already warned about Claire knowing the future, heeds to her advice. Claire and Murtagh then travel together. 

    Claire “The Sassenach”. In order to gather information about any possible sightings of Jamie, Murtagh and Claire tour the countryside, with Claire posing as healer. Later, Claire becomes a fortune-teller while Murtagh dances for the crowd. However, they still find no hints about Jamie. Lastly, Claire poses as a songstress called “The Sassenach”. 

    Murtagh opens up. The two grow desperate and inevitably, they come into a heated argument. Murtagh then confesses to Claire that he once loved Jamie’s mother and that he considers Jamie as his son. Claire realizes that Murtagh must have been Jamie’s mother’s admirer who gave her the bangles and which now Claire wears. 

    Deal with the gypsies. The song of the “The Sassenach” becomes a massive hit to the country people and a group of gypsies made a copycat of Claire. Angry, Claire confronts the gypsies and after her confession, she pays them in exchange of them not performing the song. Though the gypsies break the agreement in Achnasheen, their leader Mr. Ward informs Claire about someone sending “The Sassenach” a message – to meet in the glen.

    Dougal’s proposal. Claire and Murtagh rush to the meeting place only to find Dougal MacKenzie. Dougal admits to have sent the message and tells Claire of an unfortunate news. Jamie had been recaptured in Achnasheen, was tried and now awaits his execution at Wentworth Prison. Dougal also proposes to marry Claire in order to provide her protection from Jack Randall. Claire agrees to the marriage, given that Jamie is really dead and that she would have to raid the prison first. 

    Onward to Wentworth prison. With her sweet yet strong words, Claire is able to convince some of Dougal’s men to accompany her in an attempt to rescue Jamie. The episode closes with Claire, Murtagh and three others leaving for Wentworth prison. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Claire is truly an admirable woman. In the first half of the series, we have seen her struggle to go back to her world and reunite with her husband Frank. Now that she had found a new love, she opted to stay and be with him. But fate played tricks and now Jamie is taken away from her. Will they succeed in their suicide mission? What sacrifices will be made to rescue Jamie? And will Black Jack Randall play a bigger role in the picture?  



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