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    The Arrest of Cersei in “The Gift”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 7

    Last week’s episode left us breathless as Sansa faced her worst nightmare yet. Tonight, her misery continues as she loses allies in Winterfell. Meanwhile, Jorah and Tyrion will be up for a bloody battle. Here are the events of “The Gift,” the seventh episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 

    Love in Castle Black. The show opens with Jon Snow leaving with Tormund Giantsbane and his small crew of rangers to gather the wildlings. Sadly, he leaves behind First Ranger Thorne to do the duties of the Lord Commander. Not long after he left, Maester Aemon Targaryen breathes his last. Before he dies, he tells Gilly to go South. It seems his advice is a wise one as no sooner is Gilly assaulted by two brothers. Sam rushes to rescue her but he is also beaten. Well, thanks to Jon Snow’s direwolf named Ghost and the two turn away and run. Gilly tends to Sam’s wound and feeling some intimacy, the couple just surrender and make out. 

    Locked in Winterfell. Ramsay has Sansa locked in their room by day and being consummated by night. Desperate, she turns to Reek and ask him to light her candle at the old tower, signalling her friends in the North to come and rescue her. But Reek, losing his identity and bravery, reports to Ramsay. In the end, he has the woman who gave Sansa the candle flayed on the cross. With all joy, he presents the torn woman to his grieving wife.

    Meanwhile, Stannis and his men, being men of the South, get stuck on their way to Winterfell. Some men have frozen and horses have died. Lady Melisandre reminds him of their visions and in order to win their incoming battles, ask him to sacrifice his daughter Shireen. Disgusted, Stannis refuses her request.

    Long Farewell. In Dorne, Jamie begs Myrcella to return with him to King’s Landing. However, the princess has turned head over heels in love with Dorne’s Prince Trystane. Meanwhile in the dungeons, Bronn sings a love song which pleases the Sand Snakes. He flirts with them and the one who wounds him plays along. Unknown to him, the dagger which stabbed him is coated with a special deadly ointment called “Long Farewell.” Bronn begins to breathe heavily and lose consciousness, but feeling some kind of attraction maybe, she gives him the antidote. 

    First gift. The slaver finally finds a buyer for Jorah Mormont. With his wits at work again, Tyrion Lannister convinces the new master to accept him as well. In Meereen, Daenerys tell Daario that her marriage to Hizdahr is purely political and that she needs her enemy to be closer. Her lover then suggests that she gather all the wise and great masters during the Great Game and have them slaughtered.

    The fighting pits finally reopen and as part of the tradition, Daenerys and Hizdahr watch the bloody fights. Feeling sick, she is about to leave when Jorah enters the ring, fights and emerges as the victor. When he removes his helmet, Daenerys orders to get him out of her sight but Tyrion appears in the scene and offers himself as a gift from Jorah. 

    Second gift. In King’s Landing, Queen Olenna Tyrell becomes anxious and she visits the High Septon to bribe him but to no avail. But upon leaving, a scroll is handed to her. Several scenes later, she is seen meeting with Baelish in one of his abandoned whorehouses. Baelish confesses to her about how Cersei managed the plot against her grandchildren. To make peace with her, Littlefinger offers her the same kind of gift he gave Cersei – a young handsome man. 

    Cersei’s turn. King Tommen becomes hopeless with how things turned out for Queen Margaery. Cersei, pretending to care, visits Margaery in the dungeon cell but they only quarrel. However, Cersei is immediately taken to the High Septon after the visit. After a long and menacing sermon, the High Septon presents Lancel Lannister who has much to say about her. Immediately, Cersei is thrown into one of the prison cells.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. It is quite disconcerting that Thorne is left to command Castle Black. We can only expect more troubles for Sam and Gilly. And what happened to Reek? Sansa pleads for him to come back to his old self as Theon. Instead, he only betrayed her. It seems no help can be expected from him. In a brief flash, Brienne is seen hovering near Winterfell and it feels good that she is still there for her when opportunity comes.

    On a brighter side, Jorah and Daenerys finally reunite. May Tyrion’s presence be able to dispel the bad air between the two. The best news of the night is Cersei’s incarceration. Everyone must be waiting for her fall and it is already the start. With some, if not all, of her secrets out in the open, we can expect a massive karma. Her “walk of shame” is one of the most anticipated moments in this season and it will not be long before we can finally watch it.



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