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    Jamie Reaches Dorne in “Sons of the Harpy”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 4 Review

    From last week’s episode, a royal wedding takes place in King’s Landing, giving the new Queen Margaery security as she strives to banish Tommen’s Queen Mother from the kingdom. However, Cersei finds an opportunity to strike her back in tonight’s episode. Meanwhile, Jon Snow continues his watch at the Wall while Sansa remains in Moat Caitlin. While the Sands in Dorne are contemplating on waging a war, the widespread rebellion rocks the fragile world of Meereen. Here are the highlights of “Sons of the Harpy,” the fourth episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 

    Three Voyages. Tonight’s episode opens with Ser Jorah Mormont travelling by sea with his hostage Tyrion Lannister. Nuisance as he is, Tyrion is all talks until he finds out that Jorah is actually taking him to Queen Daenerys. He mocks the older man as he is not a worthy catch considering that he also intends to visit the new Queen. Exasperated, Jorah just knocked him down to shut him up. Meanwhile, Jamie and Bronn finally reach the shores of Dorne. In King’s Landing, Cersei instructs the new Master of Coin Lord Mace Tyrell to travel to Braavos to settle the kingdom’s debts. As it is, Queen Margaery just loses a family and ally in the kingdom. 

    The Sparrows attacks again. After Cersei has the High Sparrow appointed as the new High Septon, the Faith Militants make another raid, this time taking Ser Loras Tyrell with charges of immorality and homosexuality. Margaery pleas to King Tommen to free Loras but he appears to be weak against the power vested upon the High Septon. 

    King of confusion. King Tommen becomes now torn between obeying his mother and pleasing his new wife. And when he attempts to visit the High Septon, he is only called “bastard” by the Sparrows. Unable to free Loras, Tommen finds himself in a depressing situation and the royal couple has their first cold fight, marking Cersei’s win in her game against Margaery. 
    Tempted by the red. Self-proclaimed King Stannis Baratheon cannot convince Jon Snow to take his offer of lordship to the North. But red priestess Melisandre has another way of persuasion. In Jon’s Snow office, she attempts to seduce him with her flawless body. She almost succeeds but Jon Snow still has feelings for Ygritte and he cannot be with another woman. Melisandre gives up but before she leaves him, she tells him Ygritte’s famous line: “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

    The sad story of Princess Shireen. In one touching moment, Stannis tells his daughter Shireen about her condition “greyscale”. When she was still a small child, Shireen was infected with greyscale from a doll from a Dornish trader. Instantly, her skin went stiff and cracked. However, Stannis summoned all healers and magicians to cure her. Fortunately, the greyscale did not further spread and Shireen continued to live. 

    A win-win situation. As ordered by Cersei, Petyr Baelish makes some preparation for his return to King’s Landing. He reminds Sansa Stark again about her options. Once support for the Boltons is withdrawn and a war breaks out, she will be named as Wardeness of the North. But if the Boltons will continue to rule, she can marry Ramsay Bolton and still take hold of the North. But before he leaves, Petyr gives Sansa another mysterious kiss.

    First fight in Dorne. After arriving at Dorne, and despite the large bribe they paid, Jamie and Bronn are found by some Dornish army. Luckily for them, they beat the soldiers of the sand. Yet, the news reaches Ellaria Sand. Along with late Oberyn’s daughters called as the “Sand Snakes,” she plans to use Princess Myrcella Baratheon to extract her revenge against the Lannisters. 

    Rise of the “Sons of the Harpy”. They must have been tired of their secret raids and the “Sons of the Harpy” finally launch a massive attack against the new government. Daenerys’ soldiers and the “Sons” engage in a strong clash, and in the process, Grey Worm and Barristan Selmy appears to have been mortally wounded. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. The fifth season of Game of Thrones is almost down to its first half and things get more exciting with each moment. How would Queen Margaery make her move against Cersei, now that her immediate family is banished from her sight and the king remains loyal to his mother? When will Stannis and his army move and begin their war against the evil forces from beyond the wall? What happens to Arya? Has she finally done some real training as a Faceless Man? What choice will Sansa make? Is the lunatic Ramsay Bolton and his “sister” pose greater threats to her? And will Jamie succeed in taking Myrcella out of Dorne? Or will it come to a bloody conclusion?  



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