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    Flash, Firestorm and Arrow Team Up in "Rogue Air": "The Flash" Season 1, Episode 22 Review

    The Flash is now down to its last two episodes. Tonight, Barry becomes desperate to find Dr. Wells and has enlisted the help of both good and, sadly, bad guys. Here are the highlights of “RogueAir,” the 22nd episode of the 1st season of The Flash: 

    Magic wheelchair. The cat is curious again and Cisco goes through Wells’ wheelchair. Obviously, the wheelchair is not some sort of prop to earn sympathy. Rather, it has some kind of battery, similar to the one they found in Gideon, which does not only power the chair but also aids Wells in gaining more speed. Along with this discovery is the sudden activation of the particle accelerator. 

    Eddie is saved. After much thinking, the team realize that Wells must have been hiding inside the S.T.AR. Labs all this time. Viola, they are correct. But Wells simply speeds past them and escapes. However, they find Eddie imprisoned in one of the chambers. What more, Well left a little trick behind. He installed power tubes in the particle accelerator and in three days, it will operate and kill everyone near it. Everyone means the five meta-humans locked in the pipeline. 

    Evacuation plan. Barry is disgusted with Wells’ using the meta-human enemies as pawns and does not want them to get mercilessly killed in the process. As the local prison Iron Heights do not have the technology to handle meta-humans, he plans to evacuate the prisoners to Lian Yu, the fictional island prison in Arrow. But there is one problem – how to transport the meta-humans without attracting attention. The district attorney refuses to help Joe and Oliver Queen is still in Nanda Parbat. Desperate, Barry turns to Leonard Snart A.K.A. Captain Cold and his sister Gold Glider for some help. Captain Cold agrees in exchange for the deletion of all his criminal records in the police, FBI, A.R.G.U.S. and online. Regardless of everyone’s disapproval, Barry continues with his plans. 

    The sabotage. The big night comes and the team is to transport the prisoners via truck designed like the Pipeline. They are to meet an A.R.G.U.S. plane in Ferris Airfield. But upon arriving at the venue, the power fails and the truck ceases to function. Ultimately, the prisoners revive their power and attacks Barry. Then Captain Cold reveals he sabotaged the truck in order to free the meta-humans. He also rescues Flash from the enemies, making Barry and the meta-humans owe something to him. Then he and Gold Glider make a grand exit. 

    Ended affair. Eddie Thawne is not himself after his rescue. Iris is concerned about it and confronts him. Eddie then tells her about the news from the future which Wells had given him. Iris is furious but Eddie already wants out. In the end, the two break up in very bad terms.

    Dynamic trio. After his failed evacuation plan, Barry attempts once more to catch Wells. This time, two superheroes are back – Caitlin’s lover Ronnie or Firestorm, and Oliver Queen himself. Or is it Al Sah-him, considering he is not in his green hoodie? And how the hell did he show up when he is supposedly in Nanda Parbat? Anyway, the three coordinate and work together to fight Wells. Using Ray Palmer’s nanotechnology called “nanite,” Arrow successfully immobilizes Wells. Good, the Reverse-Flash is finally taken!

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Next week will be the season finale of The Flash. Considering that the meta-human prisoners they caught this season are all back in the open, can we expect all-out enemy attack against Central City? Or will they just hide for a while and terrorize again in the next season(s)? And after much guessing and speculations, will we finally learn about what happened to Nora Allen? Will we be able to see the events of the night of her murder? And now that Wells is captured, how will it change the game? Will the activation of the particle accelerator play a great role in how the season ends? Let’s found out next week.



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