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    The Death of Eddie Thawne in “Fast Enough”: “The Flash” Season 1 Finale Review

    Reverse-Flash was finally caught in last week’s episode. Tonight, Barry learns all the truth straight from the mouth of Dr. Wells or Eobard Thawne. With a dangerous plan set in motion, Barry and his team will face its catastrophic and heart-breaking consequences. Here are the events of “Fast Enough,” the final episode of the first season of The Flash: 

    To hate or not to hate. The show opens with Wells inside one of The Pipeline cells. Barry interrogates him and learns that Eobard Thawne is born 136 years from the present time. In the future, Reverse-Flash learns about Flash’s true identity and in order to defeat him, he travels back in time to kill him as a powerless child. However, the future Flash follows him and what happens after is the events of the fated night. The future Flash takes the child Barry away from the scene. In order to make Barry suffer, Reverse-Flash stabs Nora Allen in the heart. And the rest is history. 

    However, the fight results to Reverse-Flash losing his ability to harness the Speed Force and make his way home. And though he hates him so much, Eobard Thawne helps in creating the Flash. He trains Flash so that he can run fast enough to rupture the space-time barrier and create a stable wormhole. If that happens, Barry will be able to undo the past and Eobard can go back home. 

    To travel or not to travel. After learning the truth and being given the chance to rewrite history, Barry is confused on which option to choose. Joe urges him to return to his past, save his mother, and reunite his family. However, when he visits his father in prison, he gives an opposite answer. He fears that time travelling may change the person that Barry is. Being a father, he is already happy with the kind of person and hero that his son has become. And when he comes to Iris, he finds the answer he needs. For once, he stops thinking about others and follows what his heart beats – to save his mother.

    To love again. While Barry is in the dilemma of deciding the right action, others find time to reconnect and love again. Ronnie proposes to Caitlin and with Professor Stein, Firestorm’s other person, acting as the minister, the couple kisses and seals their marriage. Professor Stein also has some quality time chatting with Eddie. He convinces him that among them all, he is the wild card and can possibly alter how things work. With new-found confidence, he goes back to Iris and retells their first meeting. After saying, “How many coincidences must happen for you and I to meet in this time?” he and Iris kiss and make up. 

    To build or not to build. To make sure that Eobard Thawne returns to his home in the future, Cisco must build a time machine. Lacking knowledge, and even against his liking, he asks help from Thawne. They engage in sincere talk, and when Cisco opens up about his dreams of Wells killing him from the disrupted timeline, Eobard tells him that he must also have been affected by the explosion of the Particle Accelerator. 

    To run fast. Instead of having two particles colliding each other at high speed, the Flash will have to run very fast and bump into a hydrogen particle. The impact will create a portal that will connect the present to infinite times. If he fails to run fast enough, the collision will destroy his body; and if he succeeds, he can change the course of history. However, he must complete the mission in only two minutes as the procedure will also create a singularity or blackhole that could annihilate not only Central City but the whole world. At the awaited moment, Barry passes his previous records and runs fast enough to create the wormhole. Summoning all his focus, he finds the window into the moment of that night. 

    To change history or not. Flash arrives just as his future self and Reverse-Flash are battling against each other. After the child Barry is taken from the scene, just when he is about to save Nora, the future Flash beckons not to interfere. Thus, he keeps hiding inside his room and let things happen the way they happened before. And when he becomes out, Nora is already bleeding herself to death. He approaches her and talks with his dying mother. Before she breathes her last, Barry says his goodbye to Nora.

    Eobard, riding inside the spherical time machine, is already excited to go back to his home when Flash emerges out of the wormhole, crashing into his vehicle and destroying it. He realizes that Flash has not kept Nora from dying. Infuriated, he transforms into Reverse-Flash and fights Barry. The Flash is near defeated when Eddie Thawne appears and shoots himself in the heart. As Eddie is his distant ancestor, Eobard begins to fade and lose his power. And when Eddie finally dies, in the midst of grieving loved ones, Eobard is finally erased from history. 

    To run once more. After Flash comes back to the present time earlier than expected, the dreaded blackhole begins to form. Ronnie and Caitlin stop the generator but the blackhole continues to grow. Eventually, it begins to feed on everything – Eddie’s dead body, cars, buildings and any thing in sight. In retrospect, Barry can stop the blackhole using his abilities. Charging at his fastest speed, the Flash dashes to save the day. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. After 23 episodes, the first season of The Flash has finally come to an end. It ended with so much drama and excitement. But it was more emotional than thrilling as the show wanted it to be, unlike its partner show Arrow. The first five minutes of the episode is very gripping as Eobard confesses everything to Barry. We have been waiting for this moment for a long time and it is here finally. After which, the show becomes more emotional as Barry weighs his options. The exciting part is towards the end when the wormhole and blackhole are created. Eddie’s death comes unexpected and not everyone had seen it coming.

    In general, the show ended its season with much more questions than it started. Why did Barry not save his mother? Did he just travel back in time to say goodbye to her? What if he took the alternative course? Is Eddie dead for good? Or will the blackhole reborn him? Did Barry really stop the blackhole from destroying everything? That is the biggest cliffhanger. Well, in case you miss out, Eobard mentions Rip Hunter when he sees Cisco’s “Time Sphere.” Hawkgirl as an ordinary human, along with Leonard Snart, appears briefly as Central City becomes engulfed in he blackhole.


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