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    Randall Pounds and Nails Jamie in “Wentworth Prison”: “Outlander” Season 1, Episode 15 Review

    All for love, Claire performed as the singer “Sassenach” in last week’s episode of Outlander. The show ended with Claire getting the news that Jamie is alive and waiting execution at Wentworth Prison. In the latest episode, her quest for love continues as she braved the prison in search for Jamie. Here are the shocking and gut-wrenching events of “Wentworth Prison,” the 15th episode of the first season of Outlander: 

    Saved from the gallows. The episode opens with men being hanged on the gibbet one-by-one. Jamie and Taran MacQuarrie are in the line, waiting for their execution. Then MacQuarrie’s name is called. He is brought to the platform, the rope tied around his neck, and then kicked away. He suffers quite a long death and Jamie tries to rescue him and fails. When his turn finally comes, someone shouts and stops the execution. And there stands in his majestic glory is Captain Jack Randall. He claims to be on the king’s business and orders that Jamie be put in the dungeon cell. 

    Visit to the Warden. Claire, posing as Mrs. Beauchamp who must perform her Christian duties, visits Sir Fletcher, the warden of Wentworth Prison, and ask him to see Jamie. When he refuses, she insists that Jamie is a young good man and she can deliver a letter from him to his estranged family. Sir Fletcher is moved and since he really could not allow the visit, he hands Jamie’s personal effects to Claire.

    The alternate plan. Claire is despondent that her plan failed and becomes annoyed when she sees that her men are quite cheery. Well, it is all a trick and they have just played with some Wentworth jailers and find out some useful information. With this, Claire and Murtagh get an hour to go through the warden’s office to find the keys and map of the prison. But there is a little mishap and a jailer uncovers their secret. Murtagh silences him and Claire finds her way through the labyrinth of cells. 

    Randall’s first strike. Randall, with a strong and scary man named Marley, visits Jamie in the dungeon cell. He wants Jamie to admit that Randall is always in his mind and that he is terrified of him. In return, he shall grant Jamie a clean and honorable means of death of his own choosing. But Jamie is undaunted and will not surrender. Instead, he fights back but the chains hold him, making him powerless against Marley’s brute strength. Exasperated, Randall pounds Jamie’s left hand with a hammer. The pain excites him and Randall forces Jamie’s other hand to grab his crotch while his consciousness slowly begins to fade. 

    Randall’s second strike. Jamie is groaning throughout his ordeal and his cries do not escape Claire. When Randall and Marley momentarily leave Jamie, Claire comes and tries to break his chains. Not surprisingly, the evil duo arrives and seizes her. Claire is about to be fed to Marley’s desires but she resists and a brief wrestle ensues in the cell. This resulted to Marley choking to his death and Randall smothering Claire. Seeing her suffer, Jamie pleads with Randall and offers himself to Black Jack’s fantasy in exchange for her freedom. He agrees and as some sort of test of sincerity, he nails Jamie’s ruin hand on the table and kisses him passionately. He then takes Claire and throws her on a pit leading to the outside of the prison. But before they part, Claire curses Randall with her knowledge of Jack’s exact date and cause of death. 

    His masterpiece. With Jamie pacified, Randall begins torturing Jamie with lust. He cuts his robe, revealing the scars on his back. They are his creation and Randall sees them as his masterpiece. With desires overwhelming him, he kisses the scars fervently while Jamie weeps in disgust. 

    To try again. Claire finds herself at a distance from Wentworth Prison and reunites with her men. They find shelter in the home of Sir Marcus Macrannoch, a friend of the clan. Claire also learns that Marcus is once Jamie’s mother’s lover who had given her a necklace which is Claire’s now. However, in fear for the safety of his wife and three children, Marcus is quite hesitant in helping Claire and her men rescue Jamie. But when Marcus’ herd of cattle comes by the house, the men just come up with a plan that may possibly work this time. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. This is perhaps the most intense and brutal episode of Outlander so far. In the previous episodes, we have already learned that Randall harbors secret desires for Jamie. But it is totally shocking to realize to what heights he can go to satisfy his intentions. It is not anymore a simple fancy to Jamie, but deeper and viler as he takes pleasure in the younger man’s pain and struggle. He is perhaps a dominant top with sadomasochistic tendencies. It is just a pity that Jamie succumbs to him. All for Claire! 

    Claire! The accidental time traveller who changed the course of two men’s lives. Outlander is already down to its season’s final episode next week. It is still a wonder how Claire’s future husband Frank manages after her disappearance. And what will happen to Jamie? Will Randall be successful in using his body to his satisfaction? Or will Claire and his men come in time to save him? Or it could be the other way around – that their next attempt will only bring bitter doom to them all.



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