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    Jon Snow is Stabbed to Death in “Mother’s Mercy”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5 Finale

    It seems it was only a while back when Game of Thrones came back to air with its fifth season. But now, the season had come to its final episode. While the season pilot was sort of lackluster, its finale is tense and gripping as it ended with some horrible deaths and surprises. Here the events of “Mother’s Mercy,” the tenth episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones: 

    Snow melts. The show opens with Stannis’ forces preparing to march against Winterfell. The Lord of Light must be pleased with their recent sacrifice that he melted the snow, giving way for the army. However, Stannis’ action backfires and half of his men deserted him during the night. Worse, his wife Selyse hanged herself on a tree. Mysteriously, Melisandre leaves camp after hearing the news. Despite the sudden decrease in size of his army, Stannis and his remaining men push forward with their march.

    A Maester. Fulfilling his dreams, Sam asks Jon to send him away to Oldtown so he can study to become a great maester. He believes he can be of better use to the Lord Commander as a maester. Jon permits his request and taking Gilly and her child, Sam leaves the Wall.

    Arya becomes blind. Arya Stark finally extracts her revenge. Posting as a child prostitute, she infiltrates the brothel Ser Meryn is in and slowly murders him with several stabs. Returning to the House of Black and White, Arya is reprimanded as she had killed a man not under the orders of the Many-Faced God. To appease the God, Jaqen commits suicide. As punishment for putting on a  face without being “No One,” Arya goes blind. 

    The great escape. While Winterfell is busy preparing for Stannis’ attack, Sansa Stark manages to break out of her room. She goes up the old tower and lights the candle but Lady Brienne and Podrick have already left their post and are not able to see the light. As she is returning, Sansa is caught by Myranda and is about to be killed when Reek throws the latter off the wall and into the solid pavement. Unfortunately, Ramsay and his men have already arrived from the battle. Without any other choice, Reek and Sansa jump off on the other side of the wall. 

    The fate of Stannis. Stannis’ men are overwhelmed by Bolton’s immense army. Consequently, they are brutally killed in the battlefield. Stannis is able to survive the bloody fight, but while escaping through the woods, he encounters Lady Brienne. After sentencing him to death for murdering Renly Barratheon, Brienne apparently kills Stannis.

    Poison kiss. Jamie Lannister finally leaves Dorne with Ser Bronn, Myrcella and Prince Trystane. Ellaria Sand kisses Myrcella goodbye as they are boarding the boat. While on the sea, Jamie confesses to Myrcella the truth about their relationship and is surprised to find out that she already knows about it. However, Myrcella’s nose begins to bleed profusely. In the pier, Ellaria also bleeds but quickly drinks the antidote for the poison. 

    Oligarchy in Meereen. As Daenerys is missing, her remaining allies decide on their best action. As they are experienced fighters, Daario Naaris and Jorah Mormont embark on an expedition to find Daenerys. Grey Worm, Missandei and Tyrion Lannister are left to rule the city. At the same moment, Varys appears to Tyrion and offers his services to him.

    Daenerys in nowhere. Daenerys is taken somewhere north by Drogon. No matter what she does, Drogon refuses to let her ride him and go back to Meereen. While exploring the new terrain, Daenerys is found by a large army of Dothraki riders. 

    Walk of shame. After days of misery, Cersei finally confesses to her sin of sleeping with her cousin Lancel Lannister. However, she denies charges of incest and of Robert’s murder. She begs of the Mother’s Mercy and as atonement for her sins, she is forced to walk naked and bare-footed to the Red Keep. Along her parade, her guard Unella rings the bell while shouting “Shame.” The people of the city are also shouting profanities at her on the way. At the end of her walk, she is received by a new member of the Kingsguard, a huge man named Ser Robert Strong.

    For the Watch. The season ends with a mutiny at Castle Black. Jon Snow is tricked by his brothers and each one, including his First Ranger Alliser and bearer Olly, partake in stabbing him while saying the words “For the Watch.” The final clip shows Jon Snow lying on the snow while a pool of blood surrounds him. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Unlike other season finales, tonight’s episode is less bloody but with so much drama. Finally, Reek breaks free and escapes with Sansa. We can only hope that Ramsay’s dogs will not be able to track them in the snow. It is quite sad that Arya, after taking her first revenge at last, is blinded. As to how she will continue her personal mission of putting to rest the people in her list remains a huge wonder. Have Myrcella and Stannis really died?

    Every GoT fan must have cheered when Cersei takes a dose of her own medicine. Naked and with her hair sheared, she walks the streets of King’s Landing to the sound of the people’s humiliating jeers. She has finally paid the price of her vile acts. But it is quite disconcerting that she is back in power again. Her wrath could be a thousand more bitter this time.

    But the greatest surprise of the night is Jon Snow’s apparent death. This event is written in Martin’s book but with the series’ many diversions from the original material, everyone is hoping that part will also be spared. Unfortunately, it is not. Despite his mighty victory against the wildlings, his brothers in the Watch are still unconvinced and put justice in their own hands. But is Jon Snow really dead? Will Melisandre’s presence change how things work in Castle Black? Whether Jon, Myrcella and Stannis have actually died remains a mystery…. Until next year for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.


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