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    Nights in Rodanthe: Book and Movie Review

    They say “love moves in mysterious way.” In this story about finding love in the most unexpected moment and place, Nights in Rodanthe teaches us that when love knocks, we have a choice of opening our doors and embrace it and its accompanying hurts, or let our doors remain closed but still be hurt. 

    Nights in Rodanthe is a romantic novel by best-selling American author Nicholas Sparks in 2002. The book was adapted into a major motion picture in 2008 by Village Roadshow Pictures and Warner Bros. Directed by George C. Wolfe, the movie starred Richard Gere and Diane Lane. 

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    Plot. After some incidents that weigh heavy on her, Adrienne Willis grabs an offer to tend an inn in the small coastal town of Rodanthe, North Carolina. The only guest for that fateful weekend is Paul Flanner, a successful fiftyish surgeon who has recently sold his practice and wishes to travel to South America. Unknown to Adrienne, Paul also carries with him his emotional baggage – a failed surgery which ended tragically and a failed relationship with his son.

    A major storm is forecast and soon arrives in Rodanthe, eventually washing the beach and threatening to wreck havoc on the house. But with it comes an opportunity for healing and redemption as two souls open up and reach out to each other. In the days and nights that follow, Adrienne and Paul rebuild both the house and their lives, and consequently, feel compassion and love for one another. But Paul must leave to go after his son and join him in his medical clinic in Ecuador. With deep agony, the two separate with a promise of writing to each other.

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    The days stretch and the letters keep exchanging. However, on the evening that they will finally reunite, Paul does not show up. Adrienne can only shed bitter tears when she discovers from Paul’s son that his father had died in a flash mudslide in Ecuador.

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