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    Secrets Revealed in “Who is Harrison Wells?”: “The Flash” Season 1, Episode 19 Review

    Tonight’s episode of “The Flash” is another crossover between the universe of Arrow and Flash. Yes, some of our friends in Starling City appear to help our S.T.A.R. Labs guys. The previous episode left off with Barry informing Caitlin and Cisco that Dr. Wells is the Reverse-Flash. Tonight, they dig deeper into the life of Dr. Wells and face another dangerous enemy. Here are the events in the 19th episode of The Flash: 

    Visit to Starling City. The show opens with our S.T.A.R. Labs friends, minus Dr. Wells plus Detective Eddie Thawne, having pizza in Joe’s house. Mainly, they talk about Dr. Wells which makes Caitlin really uncomfortable. As decided, Joe and Cisco will visit Starling City and investigate the accident scene where Wells’ wife Tess Morgan died. So in Starling City the two head and meet up with Captain Quentin Lance and Laurel Lance. Joe and Quentin hit off immediately, so do Cisco and Laurel. Laurel tells Cisco that she knows about the Flash and reveals she is the Black Canary. Cisco is ecstatic about it that he has a photo souvenir with the Black Canary at the end of the show. About the investigation, Joe, Cisco and Quentin visit the place where the accident happened and are astonished to discover something buried in the roadside. 

    The “Everyman”. Meanwhile in Central City, a new enemy is on the move. Hannibal Bates, A.K.A. Everyman (Thanks Caitlin!), can copy anyone’s physical appearance simply by touching them. Already, he has involved innocent people in a series of theft and robbery. Bates even messed up Eddie’s career by copying him and shooting two police officers. But the Everyman can only copy the physical so he is no match for the Flash’s quick speed. His capture is caught on camera, acquitting Eddie of the crime and alarming the police forces of a different kind of criminals.

    Father and daughter. They are fathers and Joe and Quentin has some moments where they open up a bit about their relationship with their daughter. With Joe’s wise words, we can only hope that Quentin will finally find it in his heart to forgive Laurel and bring back their special bond again.

    Eddie and Iris. During last week’s episode, Iris was having issues with Eddie keeping something from her and she left his apartment. But after Eddie is framed by Everyman, concern washes over her that they rekindle their romance. In return, Eddie confesses to her that he has been working with The Flash. 

    Bones. The biggest event of the night is perhaps Joe’s and Cisco’s discovery in Starling City. After Cisco’s tech detected something hidden in the roadside, they dig into the ground and find a complete set of bone. They take back the remains to Central City and Cisco’s examination reveals they belong to Harrison Wells. This discovery finally convinces Caitlin and the group realize that they are not dealing with the real Dr. Wells all along. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS.  Curiosity gets the better of the S.T.A.R. Labs trio and they find themselves searching for unknowns. Cisco scans the entire S.T.A.R. Labs building and comes across Wells’ secret chamber. The three head to the room and get dumbstruck with what they saw. On a corner there stands the costume of Reverse-Flash. On another they find a newspaper article from the future (April 25, 2024 to be exact) about Flash’s disappearance during a crisis. 

    The pacing of the show is getting quicker now that it is nearing its end. While the question about Grodd remains unanswered, much of the truth about Wells is finally revealed. We now know the present and the past Wells, both the true and the imposter. But who is the future Wells or Eobard Thawne? What did he do to Nora Allen? And what is his relationship to Eddie? What danger will our beloved trio face now that they know part of the truth? Four episodes left before the big finale!



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