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    Roy Leaves in “Broken Arrow”: “Arrow” Season 3, Episode 19 Review

    Nothing’s good is happening in Oliver’s life these days. Whether we are talking about his life with or without the hood, everything is a big fine mess. After Lance exposed Arrow’s true identity in last week’s episode, Oliver turned himself in. However, Roy interrupted Oliver’s convoy and claimed as the true Arrow. So what happens afterward are clearly presented in tonight’s episode. Here are the highlights of the 19th episode of the 3rd season of Arrow entitled “Broken Arrow”: 

    Roy’s guilt. Roy has never forgiven himself for unconsciously killing a police officer. With this, he feels that he deserve to be in prison more than Oliver. And with utmost faith for the Arrow, he takes the responsibility and so thus gets in prison. This is a plan he devised without Thea’s or Oliver’s knowledge. As Arrow has accumulated quite a number of enemies, Roy finds himself in some trouble inside the prison.

    Captain Lance strikes. After knowing Sara’s death and feeling manipulated by the Arrow, Captain Lance does everything to pin down Oliver despite Roy claiming as the Arrow. With search warrants, he and his team sweep the Verdant’s basement and Thea’s apartment but found nothing to incriminate Oliver. Well, Laurel, Dig and Felicity are already one step ahead of him. Wise guys!

    Deathbolt attacks. Amidst all these troubles, another enemy strikes Starling City. Named as Deathbolt by Ray Palmer, Jake Simmons is a living electrical battery and constantly in need of electrical power. There was no clear story about him except that he kills anyone who stands on his way.

    The Atom’s first win. As he cannot be the Arrow, Oliver enlists Ray’s help. The Atom is quickly beaten by Deathbolt in their first encounter. But after Deathbolt attacks Felicity, Ray’s technology and Oliver’s instincts work amazingly together through a neural network and launch a counterattack. Though the network malfunction, the Atom wins against the meta-human enemy by himself. Bravo! 

    Farewell to Roy. In one heart-stopping moment, an inmate kills Roy inside the prison, leaving Thea and Oliver distraught. Much to Oliver’s surprise, Roy resurfaces and tells him that his death is fake. Dig managed to plant an A.R.G.U.S. agent inside the prison who can bleed someone profusely without killing him. With Roy’s fake death, the public believes that the Arrow is dead and Oliver Queen innocent. However, this forces  Roy to leave Starling City, with Felicity’s untraceable phone, to start life anew somewhere else.

    Flashback: Shrieve’s plot. Oliver infiltrates A.R.G.U.S. in Hong Kong and is astounded to discover that Amanda Waller has been held by General Shrieve. As China is an economic and military threat (does this sound true to life?), General Shrieve plans to use the Alpha Omega to spread a deadly virus in Hong Kong. Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu steal the vaccine from the headquarter and then formulate a plan on how to stop General Shrieve.

    Ra’s vs. Thea. Before the show ended, a pivotal event happens in Thea’s apartment. Ra’s al Ghul pays her a surprise visit and makes a fatal strike to Oliver’s weakness. With her training, Thea combats Ra’s but the latter proves his skills are way beyond anyone. So in a tense showdown, Ra’s mortally wounds Thea and leaves her bleeding on the floor. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. So much has happened in tonight’s episode. The title “Broken Arrow” may refer to Roy whose guilt leaves him vulnerable and unfocused, forcing him to find deeper meaning in his life and leave Starling City. It could also mean Oliver Queen who cannot appear as the Arrow anymore. To add to that, the only family he has is on the edge of death. This leaves him with only two biased choices – accept Ra’s offer, or remain steadfast with his refusal and take more risk.

    There seems to be another threat growing in Starling and Central cities. Ray and Cisco just found out that Deathbolt is not a product of the particle accelerator explosion. Hence, somewhere, there are also meta-humans. What happened to Mei, Shado’s twin sister in Hong Kong? Does her story end in episode 18? Or will she reappear and changes everything that happen in Hong Kong? Well, the only humor we got tonight is the Oliver-Felicity-Ray love triangle. It is obvious that both guys love Felicity, but Felicity has greater love for Oliver but she chooses to stay with Ray. It is quite a tangle but the only thing that could save it is honesty. They just have to be true and stop pretending to love or not to love. Hopefully, we get some happy endings at the closing of the third season. Hopefully…..


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