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    Laoghaire's Ill Wish in "By the Pricking of My Thumbs": Outlander Season 1, Episode 10 Review

    Entitled “By the Pricking of My Thumbs,” the tenth episode of Outlander opened with Claire panting heavily while Jamie’s tongue is feasting on her womanhood below. Truly steamy and what a way to open the show! The ninth episode was an amazing come back and tonight’s show did better, bringing us more exciting moments and thicker plots. Much as Outlander opened with our favorite couple in a beautiful tangle, it ended with a sad note as the two parted. Two major events drove the episode – the visit of the Duke of Sandringham and the Dougal-Geillis affair. Here are more details of “By the Pricking of My Thumbs”: 

    The petition. A knock puts a stop to Claire and Jamie’s serious love-making and they are informed of the incoming visit of the Duke of Sandringham. As the Duke is fond of him, Jamie sees it as his chance to be pardoned and the price upon his head be lifted. However, the Duke and Jack Randall has some kind of friendship and so Claire, Jamie and Ned Gowan (the lawyer) put up a plan to turn things to their advantage. 

    Claire vs. Laoghaire. After discovering the ill wish from last week’s episode, Claire has a heated confrontation with Laoghaire. Though she denies it at first, Laoghaire later confesses and lashes out at Claire which made the older woman hit her. And before their girly talk ended, Laoghaire just made some eerie threats. 

    Geillis’ ritual dance. Since Laoghaire has acquired the ill wish from Geillis, Claire visits her friend to be enlightened about it. But a bigger surprise awaits here. In the forest, under the full moon, Geillis performs a dance ritual similar to what Claire has witnessed in the hills of Craig na Dun. Also, Claire discovers that Geillis is pregnant but not with her husband Arthur Duncan. But with Dougal MacKenzie! Surprise! What’s more? Claire learns that Dougal is already married to a woman with “homely countenance” named Maura.

    Claire vs. Duke of Sandringham. Before Jamie could present his petition to the Duke of Sandringham, Claire visits him first. An interesting and funny battle of words ensues between Claire and the Duke. Still, it results to a deal that the Duke will take his petition to London. 

    Two deaths. Dougal receives a news from his home that his wife has died of fever which drives him madly (really?). Later, during the feast for the Duke, Arthur Duncan chokes to death. Being a nurse herself, Claire smells cyanide from bitter almonds on the dead. In a brief instant, Dougal and Geillis exchange a meaningful look which does not escape Colum MacKenzie. 

    The duel. The Duke of Sandringham does not offer help for free. In exchange for the petition, Jamie agrees to be second to the Duke in a duel against the MacDonalds. Though the duel goes well, a brawl occurs between Jamie and the MacDonald children. 

    The parting. Colum MacKenzie sees everything and so he orders Dougal to return to his home and mourn for his wife. He shall never return until being told so. As punishment for the earlier brawl, Jamie will also have to accompany him on his journey. Sadly, Jamie and Claire have to part.

    The arrest. Though Jamie has told her never to involve herself with Geillis again, Claire is quick to act when a letter arrives to her. With this malicious trick, Geillis and Claire are arrested by the warden for the crime of witchcraft. Just they are being driven away in a barred vehicle, Claire sees Laoghaire lurking in the street corner.

    FINAL THOUGHTS. The Duke of Sandringham, Geillis and Laoghaire are the driving forces for Outlander’s episode tonight. Hopefully, the Duke will be able to exert his influence and free Jamie from his burdens. What more mysteries does Geillis hold? She knows more than she reveals. How will the incoming trial affect her and Claire? And how much meaner can Laoghaire get? Truly, she is an evil that our beloved couple never saw coming. With Jamie gone, how will Claire be able to survive? Jamie has always saved her from trouble, may be this time, she has to do it herself. 


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