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    Thea Lives in “The Fallen”: “Arrow” Season 3, Episode 20 Review

    The world is really getting smaller for Oliver Queen and he just did his hardest decision in tonight’s episode of Arrow. But his decision came with much tears and sadness. Perhaps, “The Fallen” is one of the most heart-breaking episodes this season. Well, here are the events in the 20th episode of the 3rd season of Arrow: 

    Ra’s  attacks Thea. In last week’s episode, Ra’s visited Thea and the two came to a fierce physical confrontation resulting to Thea being stabbed mortally. Tonight, Oliver comes home and finds Thea bleeding to death. In the hospital, Thea is practically dead, save for the machines that keep her breathing. Through a smoke signal, Maseo and Oliver meets and the former informs the other that Thea can be brought to life by the healing waters of Nanda Parbat. 

    Lazarus pit. Despite his objection, Malcolm travels with Oliver, Dig and Felicity to Nanda Parbat, bringing the almost-dead Thea. Known as the Lazarus Pit, the pool in Nanda Parbat is supposed to cure anything. Accordingly, it has kept the Ra’s living for a hundred years. However, Malcolm believes that though the water can bring back the physical body, it may change the person’s soul. 

    Bye Ray-Felicity. Thanks to Ray and the guys have a jet to use to fly to Nanda Parbat. But the jet comes with a sad price. During the previous episode when Roy bid farewell, Ray saw the special bond between Oliver and Felicity. So tonight, he tells Felicity his realization – that she still love Oliver. And Felicity can only say “I’m sorry.” 

    The ritual. In Nanda Parbat, the group is met with hundreds of League members. The ceremony is immediately started and a priestess utters some prayers before Thea is dipped into the waters of Lazarus Pit. Thea suddenly shoots forth from the pool, growling and attacking Oliver. But she is instantly subdued by the League and when she wakes up, she has a different memory – one when Oliver is dead and their mother is still alive. Ra’s then reminds Oliver about their bargain – Thea’s life for him being the “Heir to the Demon.”

    Dig vs. Sarab/Maseo. Dig and Maseo have a brief verbal encounter with each other, with Dig calling the League as cowards for running away from their previous lives. Maseo then tells him about the pain of seeing his boy die while saying lies to him to make him believe that everything is alright. This simply implies Akio must have died in Hong Kong, resulting to Maseo’s break up with his wife and him joining the League. 

    Felicity vs. Ra’s. Felicity also has a heated moment with Ra’s as she does not want Oliver to stay in Nanda Parbat. Surprisingly, Ra’s tells her about his painful past. He was once a blissful man with a wife, a son and a daughter. Everything has changed when a stranger suddenly came to his door with two options – leave without saying farewell to his family, or stay and watch them being tortured and killed. Ra’s then tells Felicity that she is lucky to have the opportunity denied upon him. He advises her to say her good-bye to Oliver and tell him she loves him and whatever her heart needs to express.

    Olicity. Ra’s words get into Felicity and she visits Oliver in his room. Putting all her inhibitions aside, Felicity pours out his heart to Oliver and he responds with a kiss which leads to the bed. Hurray! Everyone must have been waiting for this moment. OLICITY is now official! But to spoil the fun, the two would have to part as Oliver is staying to be Ra’s apprentice. 

    Failed escape. Felicity is stubborn and she leads their attempt to escape Nanda Parbat. She first drugs Oliver with the potion she sneaked from the priestess, the one that subdued Thea earlier (That’s why we love Felicity!). Then Malcolm leads the way through the secret catacombs but the League is just too big and they are eventually caught. In the end, Oliver stays behind in Nanda Parbat while the others fly back to Starling City. 

    Birth of Al Sah-him. Ra’s wastes no time and the ritual for anointing Oliver begins. As Al Sah-him, he will have to forget his old life as Oliver Queen and become an assassin which means “those who stand apart from society.” Before the show ended, Oliver or Al Sah-him “Heir to the Demon” is stamped with the League’s mark on his back. Another tattoo for Oliver! 

    Flashback: Alpha Omega. Though they already have the antidote, Oliver, Maseo and Tatsu attempts to steal the bio-weapon. At the headquarter, they watch as General Shrieve mixes Alpha and Omega to become a dangerous bio-weapon. The virus is then dispensed to be released in a crowded area. They follow a truck but it is only a decoy. After finding out that the virus is in a food cart, the trio rush to the market and tackle Shrieve’s men. However, during a fight, the vial is accidentally dropped and the virus is spilled and released. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. “Arrow” is now down to its last three episodes and events are suffocating. Now, Maseo’s story arc is clear and we can only hope that his old self will take over Sarab and stop, if not help, Oliver from fully embracing the League. Except for Thea and maybe Felicity, Oliver has no reason to return to Starling City since the “Arrow” is now presumed dead. 

    So what happens to Starling City? Will Black Canary continue the crusade on her own? But it would be awkward as Captain Lance knows the person behind the mask. Or will A.T.O.M. be the City’s new superhero? Or wouldn’t it be better that Oliver come back and be reborn as a new Arrow? 

    Tonight’s a very emotional episode and Stephen Amell delivered a very convincing performance. He is very vulnerable and honest. Unlike previous shows where he appears as an actor acting a part, tonight is his crowning moment as his performance is natural, spot on and genuine. He has truly risen above being just a superhero actor; he has put a sincere heart to a muscled body.



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