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    Mance Rayder Burns in “The Wars to Come”: “Game of Thrones” Season 5, Episode 1 Review

    After almost one year of waiting, the Game of Thrones is finally back in television for its fifth season. The fourth season left off with a high note with several deaths and cliff-hangers. Everyone must have been excited, but the premiere turned out to be not as thrilling or explosive as hoped for. Yes, there were still loads of butts and tits showing, but the entire episode seemed a downer. Well, here are the events in the fifth season premiere (“The Wars to Come”) of the Game of Thrones: 

    Fortunes for young Cersei. The episode begins with Cersei when she is still a very young girl, roaming around the forest with a frightened friend. This scene clearly shows that Cersei has always been that headstrong, fearless and arrogant person. So in the forest she wanders and finds the witch who tells her her fortunes – she will become queen and bear three children to a king who will father 20 children, but a younger and more beautiful queen will rise and take everything she holds dear. Spoiler alert from the witch! 

    Sons of Harpy. In Meereen, the huge golden statue overlooking the entire region is finally toppled down. With its fall is the rise of a new resistance group which call themselves as the “Sons of Harpy”. Already, they murder an Unsullied named White Rat in a brothel. This leads to Missandei questioning Grey Worm if the Unsullied really frequents the brothel to which he does not answer. She has a point though and in her mind, she might be screaming “Why the hell does castrated men visit whores”?
    Fear at The Wall. Even after the epic battle at the Wall which ended with Stannis Baratheon seizing Mance Rayder and his army of wildlings, there remains a shadow of fear in the hearts of those left to survive. For Gilly, she fears she and her baby will be sent away and Sam then gives her assurances. For Jon Snow, everyone must be prepared for “Winter” to come and so begins training new recruits. For Stannis, it is an opportunity for forging allegiances and purging any opposing forces. 

    The fighting pits. The new Queen Daenerys is tested when Hizdahr zo Loraq brings up the idea of reopening fighting pits for which the Wise Masters will turn over their power in exchange for it. Initially she denies it, but during an after-sex  chit-chat with Daario (should we expect more of these scenes in the future?), she seems to have a change of heart. Afterwards, she visits her two dragons Viserion and Rhaegal in the dungeon, and her babies have already grown big and fierce that they almost incinerate her. The other dragon, Drogon, is nowhere to be seen yet. 

    Funeral at King’s Landing. Following Tywin Lannister’s death, there is a circus of royalties and spectators in the King’s Landing as they partake in the funeral. Cersei and Jamie are having sibling’s (or lover’s?) quarrel over their father’s death. Cousin Lancel has become a renewed person as “the sparrow” and reminds Cersei of her sins. Loras Tyrell and Olyvar are still fucking everywhere while Margaery flirts with the new king.

    Plot at Pentos. After living inside a crate and shitting through holes, Tyrion Lannister arrives in Pentos with Varys. After some ideological conversation, Varys somehow convinces Tyrion to travel to Meereen and support Daenerys for her return to the Iron Throne. 

    Death of Mance Rayder. Perhaps, Mance Rayder’s death on the fire is the single most exciting moment in the episode. Not that death is fun or Mance is popular, but torture and gruesome deaths are trademarks of Game of Throne and only at that point that I could finally say “I’m watching Game of Thrones!” Funny thing is that this happened at the last seven or eight minutes of the show. Well, Stannis offers land and freedom to the wildlings if Mance Rayder will bend to his knee, acknowledge him as the true king and have the wildling army support his cause. But nah, he is strong-willed, and as a result, lady Melisandre ignites the wood that burns him in front of everybody. He is crying throughout this eerie process but Jon Snow shots an arrow through his chest, ending his agony. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. The season five premiere of Game of Thrones is quite sleepy, lucking surprises and blood but not nudities. There are no shocking revelations as well and nothing much has happened to the characters, maybe except for Tyrion who has gone back to being drunk again. The dark Sansa remains a mystery as Lord Baelish takes him to a place where Cersei will not reach her, leaving the clumsy Robin under the tutelage of someone called Lord Royce. In a brief instant, Podrick and Brienne argue over their relationship (duh!). And nothing more…. So in the end, what I remember about the episode is the burning man before the show’s closing credits.



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