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    Bee Robots Attack in “All Star Team Up”: “The Flash” Season 1, Episode 18 Review

    The first season of The Flash is already down to its 18th episode and five more ‘til the finale comes. The previous episodes have developed well, leading some exciting revelations and plots in tonight’s show. Plus, it is a crossover and some guys from Arrow’s universe come to join the party. Well, here is a recap of tonight’s episode called “All Star Team Up”: 

    Flash-Joe-Eddie crime-fighting team. Last week’s episode left off with Barry and Joe revealing to Eddie the true identity of Flash. Not surprisingly, the trio team up and simultaneously solve a number of crimes in just one night. But Eddie is quite uncomfortable with keeping secrets and Iris senses it. 

    Killed by the bees. A new villain comes to town, bringing with her multitudes of killer bees. But these bees only target robotic engineers. As it turns out, Flash and the S.T.A.R. Labs crew find out that these bees are actually micro-robots and are after some people associated with Mercury Labs. 

    Surprise visit. Much to Barry’s surprise, Felicity Smoak and Ray Palmer pays a sudden visit to the S.T.A.R. Labs. Ray has problems with his A.T.O.M. suit designs and Cisco may be the perfect guy for the job. Funnily, Ray and Cisco hit off and Barry gets a handful of assistance in defeating the robotic bees. 

    Cisco’s visions. Remember when Flash altered the timeline and stopped a tsunami from destroying Central City? Well, things that are bound to happen really find a way to be realized one way or another. That is what happened to Cisco. He has dreams during the night, and even during the day, where he sees the events that should have happened. And what are these events? Dr. Wells revealing himself as the Reverse-Flash and killing Cisco after. 

    Rise and fall of Bug-Eyed Bandit. Their thorough investigation leads to Barry and his team discovering that the mind behind the bee robots is a mad scientist named Brie Larvan (code name Bug-Eyed Bandit by Cisco and Ray) who had previously worked for Mercury Labs. With her inventions posing danger to men, she was fired from the lab. Alas, she turns her bees into killing machines. However, Flash and the new A.T.O.M. saves the day and prevents her further madness. 

    Eddie and Iris. After a messy dinner date with Ray, Felicity and Barry, Eddie and Iris enter a bigger trouble with Iris leaving Eddie’s apartment. With all fairness, Barry gives her a sound advice but Iris is all about open communication and truth when it comes to love. So in the end, she keeps her distance from Eddie until he tells her about the whole truth. 

    About Dr. Wells. The end is really drawing near and Barry comes close to discovering the real Dr. Wells. Despite being hesitant in the beginning, he finally discloses what he knows to Caitlin and Cisco. While Caitlin is in disbelief, Cisco can only agree. Exciting! 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. Tonight’s episode is all about “truth”. With her relationship in the line, Iris will eventually soon learn the truth about her superhero. Certainly, this will complicate her love triangle with Eddie and Barry. Or will it only simplify? We have already been fed with tidbits but the whole truth about the Reverse-Flash and what really happened to Nora Allen will all be told soon (hopefully by next week?).  It is already becoming frustrating and boring so the truth should come out sooner than later. And what is the story about Grodd, the gorilla monster in the tunnel? Will we see him again before the season ends? Well, we just have to wait and see then….


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