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    First Peek: Tomorrowland (2015)

    Get hyped up as Disney brings us another mind-blowing high-adrenaline fiction mystery adventure film this summer. Called as Tomorrowland, the film is speculated to be based on the futuristic themed land found at Disney Theme Parks. 

    The film is about the unlikely team up of a teen overflowing with scientific curiosities and a former boy-genius inventor. By twist of destiny, Frank (George Clooney) and Casey (Britt Robertson) travel to a place somewhere in time and space known as Tomorrowland with a mission. With their ingenuity at work, the two will unearth secrets which will directly affect the world and themselves.

    Joining Clooney and Robertson in the movie are Hugh Laurie, Raffey Cassidy, Thomas Robinson, Kathryn Hahn, Tom McGraw, Keegan-Michael Key and Judy Greer. Directed by Brad Bird, Tomorrowland will premiere on May 22, 2015.



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