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    Dr. Wells Outwits Them in “The Trap”: “The Flash” Season 1, Episode 20 Review

    After last week’s shocking events, The Flash fans may have been impatiently waiting for tonight’s episode. And behold, the show’s 20th episode for its fifth season holds even more exciting revelations that will certainly change how things are going on now. Here are the highlights of “The Trap”:

    Tomorrow’s headline. Last week, Barry, Cisco and Caitlin finally enter Dr. Well’s secret chamber and the trio find a newspaper clipping dating April 25, 2024. From the headline that says “Flash Missing: Vanishes in Crisis,” it appears that the Flash disappears in an explosion of light while fighting with the Reverse-Flash. More surprisingly, the news is written by Iris West-Allen. 

    Gideon. While inside the room, the three also encounter the artificial intelligence named Gideon. She is quick to answer Barry’s questions and she seems to know a great deal about him. According to her, Barry Allen in the future is The Flash, as well the director of the Central City Police, CSI Division. When asked about Wells, she answers that the doctor killed Nora Allen that fateful night because he was angry when Nora let Barry escaped. The trio still have more questions but Dr. Wells is already in  S.T.A.R. Labs. Fortunately, Gideon assures them that Wells will not know anything about their conversation since Barry Allen is the one who created her. 

    Time travel. After all they learned, Barry finally confesses to his group that he has already time travelled. Back in the episode “Rogue Time,” the Flash travelled to yesterday to stop Mark Mardon from creating a tsunami that will hit Central City. In the process, he unknowingly prevents Dr. Wells killing Cisco from happening. 

    Lucid dreaming. However, the intended turn of events taunts Cisco through his dreams. In order to fully grasp what should have happened, Cisco undergoes lucid dreaming and the procedure enables him to retrace the events. In his dream, while fixing the confinement system of S.T.A.R. Labs, he discovers that the detained Reverse-Flash is only a hologram. Dr. Wells appears and confesses that he is Eobard Thawne and that he travels back from the future to kill Barry Allen.

    Fire in the tower. Well, Captain Singh of the Central City Police is quite ecstatic with his love life, until his beau Rob and his co-workers get trapped in a fire. The Flash rushes in and following Well’s guidance, he manages to create vacuum by rotating his arms rapidly and stop the fire from spreading. Wells is happy with the improvement of Barry’s abilities. 

    Failed attempt. After learning the truth about Wells, the group devise a plan to have the doctor confessed that he murdered Nora Allen. In the their trap, Cisco confronts Dr. Wells but the plan fails. Dr. Wells almost kills Cisco but is shot by Joe. The dead turns out be Hannibal Bates. The real Dr. Wells calls and tells them he is already one step ahead of them and that he knows everything they planned. To Barry’s surprise, surveillance cameras have seen setup around them, including Iris’.

    Flashbacks. Why was Barry Allen in S.T.A.R. Labs’ facilities after he was hit a lightning? That is answered by some flashbacks in tonight’s episode. Barry was in critical condition and it seemed that no doctor could revive him. Dr. Wells approached the grieving Joe and offered his services at the S.T.A.R. Labs. Joe was initially hesitant but later conceded. While recovering in the S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry’s fingers flash some sparks to Iris’. 

    The proposal. Eddie Thawne is ready and he wants to propose to Iris. Sad to say, Joe does not give him his blessing. Joe later tells Barry that Iris may say yes to the proposal although she really loves someone else and that she may end up staying in the relationship because she is already tied to it. Still, Eddie persists and almost does his proposal to Iris until Reverse-Flash comes to ruin his evening and abducts him. Flash comes too late but when he leaves Iris, sparks shine between their fingers, reminding her of Barry. 

    Eobard Thawne. Reverse-Flash takes Eddie to a secret hideaway and reveals that he is Eddie’s distant family and that he needs him to avenge the Flash. In his head, Reverse-Flash needs Flash’s ability to return to the future and to accomplish that, he must assist Barry Allen. So from his childhood up to the present time, Eobard has continuously stalked Barry, bitter about helping him and still passionate on killing him. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. It is quite hard to breathe after watching tonight’s episodes. First shocking truth (it’s still shocking though we kind of expected it) is that Iris still ends up with Barry in the future. Hope this does not get into Barry’s head and he acts cocky again. Second shocking truth is that Eddie is actually Eobard’s family. Could it be that Eddie and Barry will have a huge fight and this rift will continue on for years? Third shocking truth is Eobard has been some kind of evil guardian angel to Barry all this time. He is quite pathetic as his life revolves around defeating Flash. But where does this anger and bitterness coming from? What happened between Barry and the Thawnes? And what exactly happened to Nora Allen? We all know that the Flash and the Reverse-Flash are battling each other that night, but what really got Nora Allen killed? Three more episodes left and hopefully all questions are answered by the end of the first season. 



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