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    Arya and Drogon Appear in “The House of Black and White”: Game of Thrones Season 5, Episode 2 Review

    Contrary to last week’s show, tonight’s episode of the fifth season of Game of Thrones is a notch higher in excitement, shock factor and plot twists. Yup, so much have happened tonight in the different worlds within but mostly beyond the Seven Kingdoms. Here are the highlights of “The House of Black and White”, Game of Throne’s fifth season’s second episode: 

    Sansa refuses Lady Brienne. Accidentally, Lady Brienne of Tarth and her squire Podrick happen to spot Petyr Baelish and Sansa in a drinking inn. Fearlessly, Brienne approaches them and tells Sansa about her vow of allegiance to Catelyn Stark. However, she gets into a heated conversation with Baelish as the latter points out her failure to protect Renly Barratheon and Catelyn from death. Wary of trusting strangers, Sansa banishes her from her sight and Littlefinger’s army have a good but unsuccessful chase after Brienne and Podrick. 

    Prince Doran of Water Gardens. Prince Oberyn’s brother, Doran Martell, finally appears. The Sand Snakes are bitter about turn of events in the combat trial and seek vengeance. They wish to use Myrcella as revenge against the Lannisters, but Prince Doran is not a party to it as he does not want to wage war against other kingdoms. Besides, Myrcella is betrothed to one of the princes. 

    Jamie leaves for Dorne. After the bloody combat by trial and Prince Oberyn’s death, Cersei fears for the safety of her daughter Myrcella in Dorne. To appease her mind, Jamie plans to travel to Dorne and sneak out their daughter. Having only one hand, Jamie enlists an old friend's help for this mission. And Bronn of Blackwater is not quite enthusiastic about it, save for the more beautiful bride and bigger castle in return. 

    Cersei appoints new puppets. Cersei continues her rule behind the crown. With Varys and Tyrion gone, she begins to appoint new leaders such as the masters of coin, ships, whisperers and war. Most council members are glad with her appointments, except for her Uncle Kevan who will only listen to the King and not to the Queen Mother. Looks trouble for Cersei! 

    Test for the Queen. In Meereen, Daenerys’ resolve is tested as Daario and Greyworm capture a member of the resistance group Sons of Harpy. Despite an order of a fair trial, a previous slave slays the captive, forcing Daenerys to have him publicly executed for his crime of murder. This angers the crowd of former slaves, resulting to a massive chaos. Thankfully, Daenerys manages to escape and retreat to her palace. 
    Jon Snow is new Lord Commander. After Sam’s touching speech, Jon Snow is nominated for the position of Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, along with Allister Thorne and one other. So the brotherhood cast their ballots and both men get equal votes. Master Aemon breaks the tie and Jon Snow is announced as the new Lord Commander to the cheering crowd. 

    Arya in Braavos. After being gone last week, Arya shows up in the opening scene of the show. Expectedly, she arrives in Braavos and heads straight to the House of Black and White. Someone responds to her knock but is not invited inside despite showing the coin that Jaqen H’ghar had previously given her. In frustration, she throws the coin and wanders in the streets of Braavios. She almost gets into trouble but is saved by the appearance of the man from the House. She follows him and is finally admitted to the House after he takes off his mask and reveals his identity. 

    FINAL THOUGHTS. So much things of substance have happened tonight. For one, Jon Snow is the new Lord Commander after rejecting Stannis’ offer of lordship to Winterfell and legitimizing him as Stark. Well, Stannis might have better use of him as both the Lord Commander and as someone respected by the wildlings. Sansa is getting darker by the minute, as well as her sister. As Arya explores the world of assassins and Faceless Men, Sansa plunges deeper into the game of lies and manipulation. Nothing much is revealed about Prince Doran, especially his true sentiments about the death of Oberyn. He is still a mystery, as well as Myrcella and her role in changing the landscape. 

    Tyrion and Varys had a quick appearance in the episode. They are travelling on the way to Meereen, and they are passing through Volantis for some unknown errand. Mystery again! And finally, before the show ended, Daenerys' third dragon named Drogon, the one that went away in the previous season, appears to give her some kind of support. After the riot in the crowd, Daenerys is kind of second guessing herself and Drogon has showed up in her window. Unlike the other dragons which are chained in the dungeons, he seems to recognize Daenerys and is tame towards her. Drogon is just the strength Daenerys needs right now and he is just right on time. Third episode please!  


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