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    Rise of Anarky in "The Candidate": "Arrow" Season 4 Episode 2 Review

    With Oliver Queen back to Starling City, the Green Arrow was finally born during the pilot episode of the fourth season of Arrow. The H.I.V.E. operative was also revealed, along with its leader Damien Darhk who will be the season-long enemy. In flashbacks, Oliver met Amanda Waller again who immediately and forcefully recruited him for another job. In tonight’s show, Starling City continues to dwindle and it is undeniable that it needs a leader. Here are the events of “The Candidate,” the second episode of Arrow’s fourth season:

    The Ghosts non-stop. The show opens up with the Arrow squad fighting off the Ghosts who are sabotaging the city’s water supply. They succeed but Felicity just makes one good point here. She and Diggle needs a code name, especially that Oliver just mentions her name openly as he demands information in-between his fights.

    Running for mayor. An old friend of the Queens returns to Starling City to revive the people’s hope. Welcome Jessica Danvers! Yet, Damien Darhk is not happy about it and during her announcement, she is interrupted with gunfire and one of Darhk’s cohorts almost impales her. Thanks to Oliver and she is safe.  Turns out that the mystery man is Lonnie Machin and trying to redeem himself, he kidnaps Jessica’s daughter Madison.

    Rise of Anarky. Lonnie has no superpowers but he is agile and he has a baton that sends off electric shock. Darhk is disappointed with his actions and instantly cuts off his connection to him. Infuriated, Lonnie is about to torture Madison when the Arrow team arrives. Madison is rescued but Speedy, or Thea, almost burns Lonnie to death. He is brought to the hospital but he escapes, murders his guards, and leaves behind his “A” emblem. However, the incident deeply affects Jessica that she is withdrawing her candidacy.

    Wild Speedy. Thea continues to be aggressive, crippling her enemies that try to disarm her. According to Oliver, such behavior is the “side effect” of being restored by the pit in Nanda Parbat.

    The new boss. On the lighter note, Felicity is now the head of Palmer Technologies. With the company on the rocks, most of its leaders want to downsize the workforce. After an initial firing, Felicity changes her mind, rehires those fired and promises everyone with a breakthrough technology that will astonish the world.

    Going back to Nanda Parbat. It is Laurel’s first time to learn about the healing pool in Nanda Parbat. She convinces Thea to return to the place since the League are the only ones who knows the answers to their questions. But she also has other agendum in mind. Digging up her sister’s corpse, Laurel plans to bring it with here and revive Sara.

    Back to the island. In the flashbacks, Oliver is back to the prison island. He has no information about his new mission except to infiltrate the “army” that presently occupies the island. The leader, Reiter or Baron as his men call him, accepts him and makes him one of his soldiers.

    FINAL THOUGHTS.  It seems the show is already gearing up for DC’s Legends of Tomorrow set to premiere next year. Sara is to be resurrected as the White Canary. Meanwhile, Ray Palmer is presumed dead. Not a dead body was found after the explosion of Palmer Tech power. Since Ray was experimenting on nanotech during that time, it is possible that he might have been reduced to a tiny atom and is just lurking around. Possibly. Oliver Queen truly loves his city that he decides to run as the new mayor, masks off with only him as a person in order to inspire hope to the people.


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