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    Top Ten Moments of Walking Dead Season 5 First Half

    Super-hit television series The Walking Dead premiered its fifth season October 12th last year. It was an explosive first episode and though the intensity dropped low for the succeeding airings, the show continued to be gripping and intriguing. The midseason finale aired last November 30th and more than two months after, the tale of the living and dead walkers will continue this Sunday (February 8). But before that, let us relive some of the heart-pumping, jaw-dropping, and tear-jerking moments of the first half of the season.

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    1. Carol’s attack.  Before the fourth episode ended, Rick’s group had been assaulted and detained by the people in Terminus. In the fifth season’s premiere, Carol and Tyreese (Rick’s baby daughter Judith is with them) learned about Rick’s situation from their captive, a Terminus inhabitant. While Tyreese stayed behind to tend Judith, Carol rushed to Terminus and launched a violent assault. A herd of walkers also helped in the attack and Rick’s group was finally freed and reunited with Carol’s. They also learned that the residents of Terminus were actually cannibal led by Gareth.

    2. Emergence of Fr. Gabriel. Another character joined Rick’s crew with the appearance of Fr. Gabriel Stokes. But he did not have a dramatic entrance. Instead, it was a pathetic moment as the priest was hysterical and panicking atop a boulder while a band of walkers greedily reached out for him. Rick and the gang saved his day. Though they initially distrusted him, Fr. Gabriel offered his church as a shelter for them.

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    3. Feast on Bob. This is perhaps one of the most gruesome moments in the season. Gareth’s cannibal group retaliate and hunt Ricks’. Unfortunately for Bob, he was the first target. On that fated night, he woke up to discover he was amputated and that Gareth’s group of hunters was feasting on his grilled leg. Well, Bob also got his dose of revenge when he revealed he had been bitten by a walker in an earlier assault in a food bank. A “tainted meat” for the cannibal crew!

    4. Church massacre. Rick could not risk another kidnapping by Gareth, and so they launched an ambush against the enemy. In the bloody third episode, Rick’s group savagely butchered Gareth and his band of cannibals.



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